Never Late, Never Away Chapter 523

“I got it, Ben. Let’s go home quickly. I miss my little pumpkin already.” Speaking of her son, Vivian was all smiles. It was clear from the look in her eyes that she could not wait to see him.

Although she hadn’t seen him for merely several hours, she missed him a lot.

Hearing that, the gloom on Benedict’s face vanished as well, and he no longer felt worried as he could not wait to hear Larry call him “Uncle Benedict”.

Soon, they reached home.

“You’re back, Mommy, Uncle Benedict!” As soon as they reached home, Larry threw himself into Benedict’s arms. Looking at his flushed cheeks, Benedict couldn’t help but plant a kiss on them.

“Little pumpkin, do you only like Uncle Benedict and not Mommy?” Vivian asked, pretending to be sad.

As a matter of fact, she was happy to see that Larry was close with Benedict. As Larry grew up without a father, Benedict had played the role of father and taught him a lot of things in life.

But she enjoyed teasing her son.

“No. I like Mommy too.” Then, Larry spread his arms and wanted her to carry him. After getting into Vivian’s arms, he wrapped his arms around her neck and gave her a kiss.

In actual fact, however, he was thinking, Mommy is so childish and actually gets jealous of Uncle Benedict despite being a grown-up. Alas, I feel sorry for myself that I have to learn not to neglect either of them despite being so young.

If Vivian could hear his thought, she would have been proud that he could express his feelings in his mother tongue so fluently with the use of precise words even though he grew up in A Nation.

Benedict watched their interaction with a smile tugging at his eyes. The scene before him was the warm stuff of life to him over the past five years and was also what he had vowed to do his best to protect.

“Vivian, I need to deal with something, so I’m going to the study. I’ll talk to you later.” After informing Vivian, Benedict went to the study upstairs, leaving Vivian and Larry in the living room.

“Have you been a good boy today, my little pumpkin? Tell me what you’ve done, okay?” Vivian could not help but pinch his cheeks. How could I have given birth to such a cute son?

Secretly pouting, Larry told her what he had done during the day in detail. He knew that she was concerned about him, so he could not let her worry.

After listening to his account of his day, Vivian stroked his head affectionately. “What a good boy.”

“Mommy, c-can I ask you a question?” asked Larry while giving her a cautious look, void of the usual playfulness.

“What’s it? Why are you so secretive?” Vivian found his expression amusing as she tidied up his outfits. “Go ahead and ask. I’ll surely answer you as long as it’s something I know.”

“Really?” Larry got excited. “So, can you tell me where my daddy is, Mommy?”

Hearing his question, Vivian froze and recalled the moment when she met Finnick earlier today.

“Mommy, Mommy?” Larry waved his hand in front of her eyes after seeing that she was not moving.

“Why do you suddenly ask me this question?” Vivian, who came back to her senses, asked while she continued to tidy up his outfit, but she no longer looked as relaxed as earlier.

“Mommy, just tell me. You said it yourself that you’ll answer me as long as it’s something you know,” Larry urged.

“I told you before that your father died before you were born, so don’t ask this question anymore,” Vivian told Larry with a rare stern expression on her face.

Seeing her face, Larry knew that pressing her for an answer would only make her unhappy. “Okay, Mommy. I won’t ask about this again. Don’t get mad.”

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