Never Late, Never Away Chapter 525

“Sure. Can you tell me what your mother’s name is? Where did you get separated from her?”

“My mommy’s name is…” Larry did a quick mental search of a girl’s name. “My mommy’s name is Alice Morrison. We got separated nearby. When I went to see the fish, she’s gone.”

Hearing the child’s vague description, Finnick could not think of a way to help him find his mother. “How about this? I’ll get someone to look for your mommy while you’ll follow me to a meeting. When we return, I’ll send you to your mommy. Is that okay?”

“Okay!” Larry nodded repeatedly, happy that he could spend some time alone with his father.

Holding the boy’s hand, Finnick walked out of the company.

Noah, who had been waiting outside, was puzzled when he saw Finnick come over with a child. “Mr. Norton, who’s this child?”

“He’s lost and can’t find his mother,” Finnick briefly explained to Noah. “He said that his mother’s name is Alice Morrison. They got separated nearby. You’ll help him look for his mother. I’ll drive to Norton Corporation by myself.”

“Okay.” Noah nodded in realization as he was determined to help the cute boy find his mother. “Mr. Norton, do you want to let him follow me?”

Finnick looked at Larry, who then shook his head slightly, saying, “I only know you. I wanna go with you. I’m afraid he’s a bad guy.”

Larry pretended to be afraid. This is ridiculous! I’ve finally found my Daddy and only spent such a short time with him. Of course, I won’t go with others.

At his reply, Noah was speechless, whereas Finnick shook his head in amusement. “Okay then, you’ll come with me. I’ll take you to your mommy later.”

After telling Noah to look for her, Finnick got into the car with the boy and drove to Norton Corporation.

“Dad—Mr. Norton, you still don’t know my name, do you?” Larry broke out in a cold sweat when he nearly called Finnick by mistake. He secretly breathed a sigh of relief after seeing no response from Finnick.

Finnick really did not notice that Larry made a slip of the tongue as he was focused on driving. As there was now a child in the car, he drove even more carefully.

“No, I don’t.” Without looking at Larry, he paid attention to the road as he asked, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Larry Morrison, and my nickname is little pumpkin,” Larry replied with zest, “You must remember my name, and don’t ever forget it.”

“Got it.” Hearing his words, Finnick found it amusing. But Larry Morrison is quite a special name. I wonder why his parents give him this name. What a coincidence that both his parents have the same surname.

“So I’ll call you little pumpkin from now on, okay?”

“Yay! Sure!” Larry clapped his hands in excitement. “I like it when you call me little pumpkin!”

Seeing the adorable smile on Larry’s face, Finnick felt his heart melted for the first time.

As they chatted all the way, they soon arrived at Norton Corporation.

After the time they spent in the car, Finnick found himself growing fond of Larry. He could not help but find his nickname fitting for his adorable personality. Besides, he was smart and likable. Finnick was even reluctant to return this boy to his mother.

Surprised by the thought he had, Finnick found it funny. That would make me a human trafficker, wouldn’t it?

“Alright, little pumpkin. We’re here. Let’s get off the car.” After parking the car, Finnick carried Larry out of the car while the latter wrapped his arms around his neck.

Initially, Finnick wanted to put him down and walked hand in hand with him. Yet, after feeling the weight of Larry’s head on his shoulder and his arms around his neck, he was suddenly reluctant to put him down, so he walked into Norton Corporation with Larry in his arms.

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