Never Late, Never Away Chapter 527

“I’m five years old, Sir.”

Larry stood upright in front of Samuel while keeping his eyes on the latter. Like other children, he exuded innocence, but at the same time, he also had an air of maturity that was beyond his years.

Samuel had an even better impression of this child. Moreover, he found the child familiar as he looked similar to Finnick when he was a kid.

Out of so many people, Finnick is the one who runs into this lost kid. It seems that fate has brought them together.

Smiling, Samuel beckoned to Larry. “Come over here, little pumpkin. Let’s play.”

This man doesn’t seem like a bad guy. Besides, he knows Daddy, so he may be Daddy’s relative, which means he could be my relative too. With this thought in mind, Larry walked over to Samuel.

Looking at Larry up close, Samuel became even more fond of him, so he carried him to sit on his lap and chatted away on the sofa.

Larry’s lively personality made Samuel laugh. Afterward, the latter found himself become increasingly reluctant to let the kid leave.

When Finnick returned to the office after the meeting, he was surprised to see that Samuel was smiling happily with Larry on his lap.

For as long as he could remember, his grandfather had been a stern man who was notoriously cold-hearted, especially toward people he didn’t know. Although he was raised by Samuel, he barely saw the latter smile.

Unexpectedly, Grandpa actually laughs heartily with a child whom he has just known. It seems that this little pumpkin is indeed very likable.

“Grandpa.” Finnick entered the office with a smile. “Why are you here?”

“You’re back.” Samuel sounded like he was in a good mood. “I’m here to discuss something with you. Whose child is this? He’s so adorable!”

Then, he looked at Larry and ruffled his hair with adoration.

Sitting on the sofa across from them, Finnick had on a smile.

“Little pumpkin got separated from his mom, but I’ve already asked Noah to look for his mom. I think he’ll find her soon.”

“Okay.” Nodding, Samuel looked at Larry and comforted, “Don’t be scared little pumpkin. He and I will definitely find your mom.”

“Okay. Thank you, Sir,” Larry replied in a sweet voice. I was right. This man is indeed Daddy’s relative. Since Daddy calls him Grandpa, he’s my great-grandpa then. It’s great that I not only found my daddy but my great-grandpa as well, and it seems that they all like me a lot too.

Larry leaned closer into Samuel’s arms.

Seeing that, Samuel was even more delighted as he continued to tease and play with Larry.

Watching their heartwarming interaction, Finnick could not help but feel melancholic. If Vivian and I hadn’t divorced five years ago, our kid should have been this old. I wonder if he will be as adorable as little pumpkin.

Meanwhile, Vivian was attending a daily meeting of Morrison Group with Benedict, who wanted her to take over part of the company affairs as soon as possible.

While listening to the report of every head of the department, Vivian noticed that her phone lit up. It was a call from Ms. Booker.

Feeling worried that something had happened to Larry, she took her phone and motioned to Benedict before she quietly left the meeting room.

“Ms. Morrison, something happened!” Ms. Booker cried into the phone as soon as her call was picked up.

“What’s wrong?” Vivian’s heart skipped a beat as she asked anxiously, “Did something happen to little pumpkin?”

“Mr. Larry insisted on going out to eat fried chicken today. He went missing after I returned from ordering at the counter. I’ve looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find him.” Ms. Booker was still clear-headed, so she briefly explained the whole incident to Vivian. “What should we do now, Ms. Morrison? Should we call the police?”

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