Never Late, Never Away Chapter 528

After hearing Ms. Booker’s words, Vivian was instantly struck dumb and could not hear anything else as the news of Larry’s disappearance filled her mind.

“Why would he go missing?” Vivian’s voice was thick with tears. “Where are you now? I’ll go over right away!”

After knowing the location, she hurriedly hung up to get going. Before she walked further, Benedict, who came out from the meeting room, stopped her.

“What’s wrong, Vivian?” When he heard Vivian’s cry in the meeting room, he immediately came out, only to see her leave the company with a tear-streaked face.

“Ben!” Finally seeing her rock, Vivian went up to him and tugged at his arm. “Little pumpkin went missing near Liberty Avenue, and Ms. Booker said she couldn’t find him. What should we do now?”

At that, Benedict got flustered, but he forced himself to calm down when he saw how helpless Vivian was.

“Vivian, calm down. Maybe little pumpkin is just too playful and wandered away. I’ll send people to look for him now. Don’t panic. Otherwise, it’ll be even harder to find him.”

After comforting Vivian, Benedict made a few calls on his phone and asked all the investigators he knew to find out about Larry’s whereabouts.

After he was done, he and Vivian went to the place where Larry went missing and looked for him around the place.

Forcing herself to calm down, Vivian kept asking the passers-by by describing how Larry looked, but none of them saw him.

“Little pumpkin! Little pumpkin!” Vivian cried out Larry’s name anxiously as tears streamed down her face. Larry was everything to her. She could not let anything happen to him. Otherwise, she could not live without him.

Just as she was nearly going crazy because she could not find Larry, she received a call from Benedict.

“Vivian, I’ve found little pumpkin.”

At this, Vivian was overjoyed. “Where’s he now?”

“He’s now at Norton Corporation with Finnick.” Benedict was also stunned when he first heard the news.

“What?” Vivian’s heart was once again back in her mouth. “Did Finnick take him away? What does he want to do?”

Vivian panicked. Did Finnick already know that little pumpkin is his son? Is that why he wants to steal him away from me?

“Don’t worry, Vivian. It seems that little pumpkin bumped into Finnick after he wandered away, then Finnick brought him to Norton Corporation. Noah is now looking for his mother too, so I think Finnick doesn’t know Larry’s identity yet,” Benedict told her what he had found.

“So h-how should I go and pick up little pumpkin?” After knowing that Larry was fine, Vivian finally breathed a sigh of relief, but she found herself in another tight spot. If I pick up little pumpkin myself, Finnick will definitely become suspicious since he’s so smart.

“I’ve asked people from Morrison residence to pretend to be little pumpkin’s parents to pick him up from Norton Corporation. Don’t worry. He’ll be back soon.”

“Okay.” Vivian nodded repeatedly, relieved that Benedict had got it all planned.

At the same time, she was very worried as well. After all, Larry was a child, so she was scared that Finnick would find out anything if Larry revealed too much.

Finnick, who was looking at Samuel’s interaction with Larry with a smile, suddenly received a call from Noah.

“Mr. Norton, the kid’s parents have been found, and now I’m taking them to Norton Corporation.”

“Okay. I’ll be waiting in my office.”

After hanging up the phone, Finnick smiled and said to Larry, who was frolicking in Samuel’s arms, “Little pumpkin, we’ve found your mommy and daddy. You’ll meet them soon.”

Daddy? Larry was puzzled. Isn’t my daddy here?

However, he did not voice his doubt. Instead, he pretended to be overjoyed. “Really? Thank you, Mr. Norton.”

“You’re welcome.” Finnick touched Larry’s head. The thought of him leaving soon made him feel a little sad as he wondered if he could still see the boy.

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