Never Late, Never Away Chapter 529

After about ten minutes, Noah brought the so-called parents of Larry to Finnick’s office.

After seeing the two people following Noah, Larry recognized them as they were the maids of the Morrison residence. Being smart as he was, he instantly knew that they must have been sent by his mother and uncle to pick him up.

Although he was a little disappointed at the fact that he was going to leave Finnick, he knew that his disappearance must have given Vivian a scare, so he played along and ran toward the maids.

After the maids thanked Finnick profusely, they left with Larry.

Samuel was reluctant to see Larry leave and could not help but comment, “This kid looks a little like you when you were young.”

“Really?” Finnick did not think so.

“Of course. I watched you grow up. Would I even get this wrong?” Samuel got annoyed at the fact that Finnick questioned his judgment.

Shaking his head in amusement, Finnick immediately changed the subject. “Why did you come to see me today, Grandpa?”

Hearing his question, Samuel gave him a serious look and asked, “I heard that Vivian is back. Have you seen her?”

“Yeah.” After a moment of deliberation, Finnick nodded at him.

“She hasn’t remarried, right?” Samuel asked the thing he cared about the most.

Finnick’s face fell as he recalled what happened that day. “I don’t think so.”

Samuel’s question made him think. What should I do if Vivian has remarried?

“That’s good then. Let me tell you, I’m really pleased with having her as my granddaughter-in-law. I don’t care why the two of you divorced five years ago, but you must find a way to marry her now that she’s back!”

“I definitely will, Grandpa,” Finnick promised while shooting Samuel a serious look. This was also an oath he took in his heart.

Vivian, you’ll never be able to escape from me in your lifetime!

Upon reaching the Morrison residence, Larry was greeted by a tight embrace from Vivian, who had been waiting eagerly for him.

“Where did you go? Do you know that you’ve scared me?” Vivian questioned while crying.

“I’m sorry, Mommy,” Larry whispered his apology into her ear after seeing how sad she was.

“Now that you know you’re wrong, tell me, why did you wander off? What if something happened to you?” Vivian berated him as her worry turned into anger. How can this kid do something like this?

Faced with her anger, Larry looked at Benedict in hopes that he could speak up for him, but the latter said nothing.

Although he doted on Larry, he did not want to spoil him. As Larry had indeed made a mistake this time, he wanted him to acknowledge his mistake and correct it.

Seeing that Benedict was not going to help him, Larry gave Vivian an aggrieved look. “Mommy, I didn’t wander off. I went to find Daddy.”

“What Daddy?” A look of panic flashed across Vivian’s face. “Didn’t I tell you that your daddy had already passed away?”

“That’s because you lied to me!” Larry got mad. “I already know that Finnick Norton is my daddy. He’s not dead!”

“Who told you this?” To Vivian’s dismay, Larry actually found out about his relationship with Finnick.

“No one told me. I guessed it myself.” Larry looked at Vivian pleadingly. “Mommy, why did you and Daddy split up? Can you get back together? I want my Daddy.”

Hearing Larry’s words, Vivian felt her heart being gripped by a deep sense of sorrow.

This was the first time Larry made such a request to her in so many years, but she couldn’t agree to it. There was no going back between her and Finnick.

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