Never Late, Never Away Chapter 530

“Little pumpkin, I’m sorry. This is all my fault,” Vivian sobbed out as she held onto Larry. She thought she had given Larry all her love, but she still could not compensate him for what he lacked in paternal love.

“Little pumpkin, this is all my fault. I-I didn’t give you a complete family. Can you forgive me for this?” Vivian wept.

“Okay. I won’t ask you about it anymore. Don’t cry, Mom.” Larry was a sensible boy, and he knew not to mention Finnick anymore. Instead, he raised his small hands and begun wiping Vivian’s tears away.

Larry’s actions only made Vivian feel even more guilty. All she could do was hold him in her arms as she continuously apologized to him.

Beside them, Benedict sighed. He then crouched down and hugged them, a form of silent solace.

It had been a few days after Larry had gone to look for Finnick, but Vivian was still stuck in the same intense emotions of that moment.

She kept asking herself—Is it right to hide Finnick’s matter from Larry? She could see that Larry had been feeling down after that day; he was no longer as happy and bubbly as he usually was.

Since Larry already knows that Finnick’s his father, should I talk to him about it? After all, I don’t have the right to take away his opportunity to meet with his father.

However, Vivian was terrified. With Finnick’s ruthlessness and power, Vivian was afraid that he would take Larry away from her.

No! I can’t lose my little pumpkin! I’ll never let Evelyn be Larry’s stepmother! But… my little pumpkin needs a father too.

Right as Vivian was stumped by the issue, she received a call from Evelyn.

“Hello, Vivian. I’d like to invite you to watch an opera today. Will you be free?”

Instinctively, Vivian opened her mouth to reject her. After all, she was not in the mood to watch operas right now, not to mention with Evelyn. However, she was afraid that Evelyn was up to something.

“All right. I’m free today.”

Hearing Vivian’s apathetic voice, Evelyn tightened her grip on her phone as she scrunched her face up in fury. Yet, her voice was still sweet as she said, “All right. We’ll meet at the café from five years ago, then. Will you be okay with two in the afternoon?”

“Yes.” With that said, Vivian ended the call as a sneer grew on her face.

The café from five years ago. What a place Evelyn has chosen. I wonder what she’s trying to do this time. Regardless, I won’t let her get her way!

Raising her arm to check the time, she realized it was only eleven in the morning. Vivian’s original plan was to stay at home until one, but she abruptly made up her mind and left the house with her bag.

Instead of heading toward the café where she would be meeting Evelyn later, she headed to a well-known beauty salon in the city.

In the past, she would have never dressed herself up before meeting Evelyn, but now… Vivian would not continue to let Evelyn gain the upper hand.

In frustration, Evelyn grabbed her phone to look at the time. When the screen dimmed, her scowl reflected on it. It’s been ten minutes since the time we agreed to meet up, but I don’t even see a sign of Vivian around. Is she messing with me?

At the thought of that, hatred filled Evelyn’s eyes. So she’s bossy now that she’s the daughter of the Morrison family? Ha! I’m going to make sure that her reputation is ruined beyond salvation this time! Those who go against me will be doomed to a terrible ending.

The fury was burning hot in her chest, and Evelyn had nowhere to vent it but at the server. “Mister, the coffee’s gone cold. Don’t you know to change it into something hot?”

“Of course. Please give me a moment.” The server then hastily took away the cup of coffee in front of the angry Evelyn. He was disappointed, as he did not expect a pretty customer like her would have such a nasty temper.

Soon, the server returned with a fresh cup of coffee, but Evelyn did not even give him her thanks. Instead, she waved at him dismissively, as if she was trying to get rid of an annoying housefly.

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