Never Late, Never Away Chapter 532

“All right, let’s not talk about the past anymore.” Vivian could not bear to watch Evelyn continue with her show. Retracting her hand swiftly, she changed the topic. “Didn’t you say you want to watch an opera with me? Let’s go. It won’t be great if we’re late for it.”

The moment Evelyn heard Vivian dismissing her apology—she did not even tell her a word of consolation—she felt the urge to slap the other woman.

However, she managed to tamp down the impulsiveness in her and wiped her tears. Soon, a smile was back on her face. Her change of expressions was so rapid that Vivian even sighed under her breath.

“You’re right,” Evelyn mumbled as she dabbed the last droplets of her tears away.

The two then headed to the opera, each ruminating about their own plans.

After the opera, Evelyn abruptly said, “Vivian, I have a friend who’s meeting me today. He was thinking of having a meal with me. Do you mind if he joins us?”

Are we finally entering the main topic of the day? Vivian sneered in her mind, but she maintained a calm look on the outside. “Sure. I don’t mind.”

A gloating smile nearly emerged on Evelyn’s face when she heard Vivian’s quick agreement. However, she forced it away and cursed in her heart at how stupid Vivian was.

“That’s great,” Evelyn beamed. “My friend’s an excellent individual, and I was hoping to introduce the two of you to each other.”

“All right.” Vivian was curious what kind of monster Evelyn was planning to introduce to her.

Soon, they reached a restaurant. It was not a long wait before Evelyn suddenly cried out in excitement, “Hunter!”

Turning her head to the side, Vivian saw a polite-looking man walking toward them.

She had to admit that the man was handsome, and he had a nice smile on his face. If Vivian were a few years younger, her heart would have been stolen by his smile.

When the man sat down, he did it elegantly. It was a sure sign that he had come from a well-educated family.

After sitting down, he turned to look at Vivian and gave her a small smile. “Evelyn, this is…”

“Vivian, this is Hunter Yates. He’s born in A Nation, but he can speak our language. He’s a good friend of mine when I was studying overseas, and he’s a graduate of Haven College. In other words, Hunter’s well-educated and a gentleman too.”

“I’m flattered.” Hunter smiled as his gaze wandered to Vivian.

“Hunter, this is Vivian W—” Evelyn stopped herself. “This is Vivian Morrison. She’s my good friend.”

Despite the smile on her face, the look in Evelyn’s eyes was a look of hatred and jealousy. Who does this b*tch Vivian think she is? Does she really think she’s worthy of being a Morrison?

“A pleasure to meet you, Ms. Morrison,” Hunter said as he reached his hand out.

As it would be rude to reject him, Vivian hesitantly shook his hand. “Hello.”

The moment their hands touched, Vivian wanted to retract her arm immediately. Yet, she sensed Hunter tightening his grip around her hand before letting her go.

Promptly, nausea rose to her throat, and anger crept upon Vivian’s face.

If she was honest with herself, despite the man’s good looks, his status as Evelyn’s friend was more than enough to make her despise him.

It was impossible for Evelyn to introduce her to someone out of her kind heart. The show she put on earlier, pretending to be her good friend, must have been a prologue to this scene.

Resisting the urge to flip the table at them, Vivian quietly wiped her hand on her clothes. She had to find out what Evelyn was trying to do this time.

While Vivian was wiping her hand, Hunter gave Evelyn a look of satisfaction.

At that, Evelyn snickered in her mind.

While it was true that she had meant Hunter during her overseas studies, he was no gentleman; he was a playboy.

He looked polite, but he was a cunning womanizer. Yet, he was granted with a face that would attract many, and he had made sure to put it to full use by fooling dozens of girls.

The reason for Evelyn to introduce Hunter to Vivian was that she wanted him to win her heart. Then, she would take unsightly photos of Vivian to ruin her life.

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