Never Late, Never Away Chapter 533

It seemed like half of Evelyn’s plan had succeeded by now. At the very least, Hunter’s interest in Vivian was piqued. Hunter was the kind who would do anything to get the woman he laid eyes on.

Maintaining his gentlemanly demeanor, Hunter politely asked, “What would the two ladies like to eat?” However, his gaze remained fixed on Vivian, who sat opposite him.

“I’m fine with anything. What about you, Vivian?” Evelyn queried in faked concern.

“I’ll have the same as you.” Hunter’s burning gaze on her made the hair on the back of her neck rose, and all she wanted was to leave as soon as she was done with the meal.

While they ate, Hunter and Evelyn chatted away merrily, but Vivian barely spoke. She only muttered a few replies whenever they turned to ask her questions, making it seem as if she was haughty.

Vivian’s disinterest was apparent to Hunter, but instead of dissuading him, his need to win reared its ugly head. To Hunter, the more challenging the woman was, the better she was.

Just as the long-suffering meal was over and Vivian thought she could leave, Hunter suggested going to a bar. Naturally, Evelyn agreed to it, but Vivian excused herself by telling them she had things to attend to. She could not endure a second longer around them.

“How is she? Are you confident in winning her over?” Evelyn smirked at Hunter after Vivian departed.

“Of course.” Hunter shrugged as a grin crawled onto his face. “I’ve never met a woman I can’t deal with.”

The smirk on Evelyn’s face grew wider when she heard Hunter’s response. “I hope you’re not lying about that.” Vivian, you’ll never get the chance to win as long as you’re up against me.

While she was driving back, Vivian thought about the events in the afternoon. It seemed like Evelyn’s aim was to introduce her to Hunter.

Although she did not know what Evelyn’s motives were, Vivian knew well that it would not be anything good. Thus, she reminded herself to be extra cautious if she ever met up with Hunter again.

The next few days, Vivian returned to her normal schedule. She sent Larry to school before heading to work at Morrison Group. After her work, she would then pick Larry up and bring him home. Days went by leisurely.

To her expectations and not at the same time, after that day, Hunter kept contacting her. Vivian did not even know where he had gotten her number from. In fact, it seemed like he was trying to court her.

At that moment, her phone rang.

Vivian glanced at the number she had gotten familiar with over the recent days, and frustration entered her eyes. With a rough sweep, she accepted the call.

“Vivian, are you free today?” The moment she picked up the call, she could hear his overly sweet voice through the speakers.

“What do you want?” Vivian said in an almost-hiss.

“Can’t I call you?” Hunter mumbled disappointedly. “I just want to invite you to a meal.”

“I’m sorry. I’m not free,” Vivian rejected immediately. “I’m going to pick my son up from school later.”

“You already have a son?” Vivian’s words stunned him to his core. This was something Evelyn never told him.

“That’s right, so stop wasting your time with me.”

“How coincidental. Let me join you in picking him up, then.” Instead of keeping his distance away from her, Hunter was fascinated; he never hooked up with someone who was a single mother. “That’s settled, then. I’ll pick you up at your place. See you.”

With that said, he ended the call, not giving Vivian any chance to reject him. The only thing she could do was curse at him under his breath when the call ended.

After a while, the butler informed her that someone was looking for her. Upon taking a step out of the house, she spotted Hunter leaning against his blue sports car. Some young women on the street seemed excited when they walked past him.

When he noticed her exiting the house, he yelled, “Vivian, this way!”

At that very moment, Vivian could sense the gazes of the surrounding women. If looks could kill, she would be dead. Meanwhile, the culprit was still smiling and waving at her.

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