Never Late, Never Away Chapter 535

“But I don’t want to, Mommy,” Larry insisted. “I really want to go there to play. I’ve never been on a cruise ship. Please say yes!”

It was rare for Larry to pester her, so for a brief moment, Vivian did not know how to reject him. After a long while of hesitation, Vivian finally relented.

“All right, but you have to promise me that you’ll be a good boy. You can’t run everywhere like you did last time.” I’ll show him what a cruise ship is, then.

“Yay! Thank you, Mommy!” With a cheer, Larry excitedly pressed a kiss on his mother’s cheek.

When Hunter heard Vivian giving in, he smiled before looking at Larry through the rearview mirror.

“Larry’s a smart boy. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely take good care of you and your mommy. All you need to do is to enjoy yourselves.”

Unexpectedly, Larry, who had been on his side a moment ago, turned his head to look out of the window without replying to him.

Since the prominent figures of the society will be joining, Daddy must be there too. If that’s the case, Mommy and Daddy will be able to meet each other. Maybe they’ll be on good terms soon!

With that thought in mind, Larry’s eyes turned crescent from his smile. I’m so smart!

Although Hunter was perplexed by Larry’s sudden change of attitude, he did not think much about it; he assumed that other children often did the same.

What he was more concerned about was how he should grasp the opportunity to win Vivian over once and for all.

Vivian felt that the two of them would be awkward if they were left alone despite her not having feelings for Hunter. Thus, she told Benedict about it, hoping that he would join her at the event.

“I’m sorry, Vivian. I have something vital to work on during this period, so I don’t think I’ll be able to join you. Can you go alone with Larry?”

The vital work he had was related to Morrison Group’s future developments, so Benedict dared not be careless in it.

“It’s all right. Your work’s important, and I can handle it myself,” Vivian hastily responded. “Go ahead. I’ll stop disrupting you.” With that said, she turned and was about to leave Benedict’s study.

“Wait.” Benedict stopped her.

“What’s wrong, Ben? Is there something else?”

Benedict had a frown on his face as he wondered if he should tell her about it. However, when he recalled it concerned Vivian’s happiness, he uttered, “Vivian, I’ve heard of that man Hunter Yates. He’s a well-known playboy. You have to be careful when you’re dating him. I don’t wish to you see hurt by him.”

Vivian never thought even Benedict had heard about it. At that moment, an awkward look flitted past her face. However, she soon recovered from it.

“Ben, there’s nothing between Hunter and me; we’re not even friends. Don’t believe the office rumors. I’ve decided to never fall for another man again. I don’t mind living out the rest of my life with Larry,” Vivian murmured indifferently.

Benedict was glad to hear Vivian denying having a relationship with Hunter. After all, he was more worried than anyone else about his sister’s happiness. However, her last sentence made the worry reenter his heart.

“Vivian, not all men are like Finnick. You’ll find better men than him. Try to open up. After all…”

Before he could finish his words, Vivian interrupted him.

“Ben, let’s not talk about it anymore. Go ahead with your work. I’ll take a look at whether little pumpkin’s asleep or not. Don’t work too late into the night. Good night.”

Once she said those words, she quietly walked out and closed the door behind her.

At that, Benedict could only sigh. She responded the same way every time he raised his topic. Does she really plan to never marry again?

On the day of the trip, Hunter arrived early to pick Vivian and Larry up. It took them nearly two hours before they arrived at their destination.

Although Vivian knew cruise ships were a luxurious mode of transport, the lavish sight she saw still stunned her.

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