Never Late, Never Away Chapter 536

It was a humongous cruise ship that could only be described as lavish and extravagant.

The cruise ship was nearly ten stories high. Just the length alone was several hundred yards. Even though she had yet to take a step onto the deck, Vivian could already imagine the spaciousness of the ship. I’m sure it has no problem holding several thousand passengers.

“Wow! It’s huge!” Larry exclaimed as he broke free of Vivian’s hold and ran forward.

“I didn’t lie to you, did I? Larry, it’s beautiful, right?” Hunter chuckled, satisfied with their reaction.

“Yes!” At that moment, Larry’s mind could only focus on how amazing the ship looked; he could not even remember how he had wanted to keep a distance from Hunter.

“I’ll bring you up, okay?”

“Yes, yes!” Larry swiftly agreed. Then, he spun around to pull Vivian aboard the ship. “Mommy, hurry up. Let’s go see the big ship!”

Larry’s joy was contagious, and soon, Vivian found her mood lifted. It seems like this trip is worth it. At the very least, my little pumpkin seems happy.

After Vivian entered the interior of the ship, she realized she had underestimated the grandeur of the ship. The interior was built to the standards of a five-star hotel. The floors were carpeted with plush red carpet, and artworks from various time periods decorated the walls.

It was an understatement if one were to say that there were many entertainment facilities onboard. Not only did the cruise ship have a swimming pool and jacuzzi, but it even had a basketball court and a golf course. As Vivian took in the sight of the ship, her jaw hung slack in shock.

Meanwhile, Larry was running around on the cruise ship.

While Vivian and Larry were looking around, Hunter had considerately arranged their cabins and everything else.

“Vivian, I’ll be staying in the room next to yours. You can knock on my door if you need anything.” Hunter gave her an enthusiastic smile.

Unlike him, Vivian had a look of slight disinterest. “I understand. Larry’s getting tired, so I’ll tuck him in first. You should rest soon too. Sorry for troubling you today, and thank you.”

Hearing Vivian’s polite and impassive tone, a sense of disappointment flowed into Hunter’s heart. Does she really not bear any feelings for me even after so long?

However, it would not benefit him to show his true feelings to her, so his smile remained on his face. “Okay. I’ll rest now, then. Be careful on your own.”

“I will. Bye.” At that, Vivian shut her cabin door.

Hunter, who stood on the outside, clenched his hands into fists. His discontentment was now visible in his eyes. This time, he had to come up with a way to make Vivian closer to him.

When it was time for dinner, Hunter knocked on Vivian’s door, thinking of inviting her to the dining room. A while before his arrival, Vivian had already dressed Larry and herself up, so they were quick to depart to the dining room.

“How is it, Vivian? Does it suit your tastes?” Hunter asked in concern.

“It’s good. Thank you.” Vivian flashed him a faint smile. Good? Good’s an understatement! It’s heavenly! Almost all kinds of cuisines were available in the dining room they were in.

However, when she sensed the loving gaze Hunter had on her, her food abruptly tasted less appetizing to her. Thus, she had no choice but to shift her focus to feeding Larry.

While they ate, Hunter introduced the history of the cruise ship to Vivian. To avoid a tense atmosphere from forming, she would give him the occasional response.

Right when she lifted her head, Vivian spotted a figure a distance away. Instantly, she stiffened as her face paled.

Not far away by a table was Finnick.

He was in a white shirt, and he still looked as gorgeous as ever. Yet, at that moment, he was having dinner with Evelyn. Vivian did not know what they were talking about, but Evelyn seemed to be smiling delightedly at Finnick.

So they’re here too.

The scene made Vivian’s heart sink. She remembered Finnick hated attending such parties the most, as he found them noisy. Usually, he would come up with an excuse to avoid attending it.

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