Never Late, Never Away Chapter 537

However, it now seemed like it was only because he had yet to meet the one who would make him join one.

Vivian hung her head and bit her lips, forcing the upset in her heart to dissipate. She could not lose control of her mind over such a trivial matter.

“What’s wrong?” When Hunter saw Vivian’s face turning ashen, he could not help but feel worried. “Do you feel unwell?”

“I’m fine.” She squeezed out a smile.

A while ago, Benedict had asked someone to pretend to be Larry’s parents to take the boy away. Fearing that Finnick would notice Larry with her, Vivian whispered to the boy, “Little pumpkin, can you wait for me back in the cabin? I’ll come to you in a bit.”

“Okay. You don’t need to rush, Mommy. I’ll be a good boy in the cabin.” With that said, Larry climbed down from the chair and ran off.

Upon exiting the dining room, Larry grinned, and his eyes lit up as he made a victory sign with his fingers.

It looks like my plan has succeeded. Mommy must not know that I made a fuss about coming here because I want her to meet Daddy.

Even Larry himself was surprised that his plan had gone so smoothly. Before Vivian noticed Finnick, Larry had already spotted him. However, he was afraid that Mommy would be angry, and that was why he pretended not to have seen him.

Mommy must have seen Daddy herself. This is great! As long as Daddy and Mommy meet, I’m sure they’ll get back on good terms again.

Imagining the scene where his parents held hands and strolled with him, Larry became more excited than he was when he first saw the cruise ship earlier.

Meanwhile, as Finnick was facing Vivian, he soon noticed her as well.

This was the last place he thought he would see her. Right as delight crept into his eyes, anger replaced it.

Who’s that man sitting opposite her?

When he saw the man opposite Vivian push side dishes toward her and even tried to wipe the corner of her mouth for her, Finnick nearly crushed his own fingers.

Fortunately, Vivian avoided him before the other man could touch her face. But what’s going on with that smile afterward? Is she shy? Shouldn’t she be shoving the plate onto the man’s face at a time like this?

As Finnick stared at the man, he wished he could drill holes into the back of the other man’s head with his gaze alone.

“What’s the matter?” Evelyn asked when she noticed the scowl Finnick had on his face. Then, she turned toward the direction where he was looking at.

The moment she saw Vivian and Hunter, a satisfied smile grin grew on Evelyn’s lips.

That man’s quite quick. He actually managed to win over Vivian in such a short time. I wonder how far into their relationship are they now.

Averting her eyes away from the other two, Evelyn intentionally said to Finnick, “I didn’t expect to see Vivian here too. That must be her boyfriend with her. The two of them match each other quite well.”

When Finnick’s expression darkened, Evelyn added, “A while ago, I heard my friend, who’s an employee in Morrison Group, that a handsome, rich man is courting Vivian. That must be him. It seems like Vivian has agreed to go out with him. That means the two are having a date here. How sweet!”

Hearing that, Finnick’s grip on his cutleries tightened, but he remained silent.

The entire time, Evelyn was watching his expression. When she realized he still cared much for Vivian, sorrow washed over her heart.

Finnick, Vivian already has someone else. Just let go of her. Why can’t we be together instead? Can’t you see that you have another woman who’s much better and loves you more than her?

Finnick was already in a foul mood when he noticed Vivian with another man. Thus, Evelyn’s words were a knife that stabbed his heart and made it ache.

“You can go ahead with your food. I have some things to settle,” Finnick told her as he wiped his mouth. He then rose to his feet, about to leave.

“How can you do this to your girlfriend?” Never had Evelyn ever imagined Finnick abandoning her here.

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