Never Late, Never Away Chapter 538

Finnick was frustrated, too. “Evelyn, you were the one who insisted on coming to this cruise ship, saying that this is your birthday wish. That’s why I brought you here. However, please remember that I’m here as your friend. I’m only here because you need help with walking around. Don’t misunderstand our relationship. We’re not a couple, and you’re not my girlfriend. Please remember who you are.”

The ruthless words from him made Evelyn pale. She never thought Finnick would be so straightforward with her.

“But you said you would be responsible for me for the rest of my life!” she cried out in a trembling voice.

“That’s what I’ve said, and I won’t go back on my words. I’ll take care of your life for the rest of my life, but that doesn’t mean I’ll use my feelings to repay the debt. Please stop hoping that our relationship will ever be more than this.”

With that said, Finnick left Evelyn.

It was not his wish to be so cruel to her, but his recent interaction with her told him to. If he did not do this, Evelyn would not listen to him; she would continue to do as she pleased by telling everyone she was his girlfriend.

Clenching the fork and knife tightly in her hands, an angry fire sparked in Evelyn’s eyes.

Finnick, I’ve poured all my love for you all these years. How can you talk to me like this for that b*tch Vivian?

Evelyn wheeled herself, hoping to follow Finnick out of the dining room. To her surprise, instead of leaving the dining room, Finnick walked toward Vivian and Hunter’s table.

She began trembling all over.

What’s Finnick trying to do?

Soon, her question was answered, as Finnick strode toward Vivian.

“May I eat with the two of you?” Finnick sounded polite, but the glacial gaze he had on Hunter said otherwise.

At the abrupt appearance of Finnick, Vivian was sent into a momentary panic. However, she soon calmed herself down and uttered in a flat tone, “I’m sorry. I don’t think that’s possible.”

“Is that so? I think it’s possible.” With that, Finnick sat down beside Vivian, ignoring the upset and shocked look Hunter cast at him.

“Stand up! I told you not to join us.” Finnick’s domineering behavior infuriated Vivian until her face turned red, but she could not possibly shove him. All she could do was to move further away from him.

However, Finnick stood up only to move closer to Vivian. Anger was in his eyes, and he had a taunting look when he lifted his head.

While Hunter was confused as to why the other man seemed to see him as an enemy, he was displeased to see how close the other man was to Vivian.

“Mister, may I know who you are?” he questioned as he swirled the wine in the glass.

“You don’t know?” Finnick raised a brow. “I’ll introduce myself, then. I’m Vivian’s husband, Finnick Norton.”

“Ex-husband!” Vivian roared. “Finnick, don’t forget that you signed the divorce agreement. We’ve already divorced!”

When he noticed how hasty Vivian was in trying to distance herself from him, Finnick’s heart sank.

Does she really like this man? Is that why she’s in such a haste to clarify our relationship? Hmph! He has nothing but looks. I never thought Vivian’s tastes would worsen after a while.

“There’s a reason for me to do that back then. I’ll explain it to you next time. Now, I want to get you back to my side.” As he spoke sincerely, he stared into Vivian’s eyes.

“You have a reason? That’s easy for you to say now. Why don’t you talk about how bad you feel after doing those horrible things?” Vivian mocked, seemingly having no trust in him at all. “Also, let me tell you right now. I don’t love you anymore.”

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