Never Late, Never Away Chapter 539

Vivian’s words caused Finnick to frown. She accused him of resorting to unscrupulous means the previous time, and now she was reprimanding him for doing something so horrible. What have I done to her that she is making such a comment about me?

Although he admitted that he had not been attentive enough previously, he had never betrayed her.

Is she still holding a grudge about her miscarriage?

However, this was not the time to delve into that. What bothered him the most was her last sentence.

“If you don’t like me, who do you like then?” Fury was already creeping into Finnick’s eyes.

“That’s none of your business !” retorted Vivian. Since they were already divorced, he had no right to intervene in her matters.

“You’re Mr. Norton, right? Since Vivian has already divorced you, please stop disturbing our date,” interrupted Hunter coldly.

It was not an easy feat to finally have the chance to meet Vivian alone. Now that it was disrupted, Hunter’s anger was evident from his tone.

So they’re actually out on a date!

Finnick felt fury rage within him. His expression turned colder as he glared at Hunter. “Even though we’ve already gotten a divorce, this matter is between us as a couple. As an outsider, you shouldn’t intervene.”

“Since Vivian is single now, I have the right to pursue her.” Hunter did not back down either. “Since your relationship with her is already a thing of the past, please stop pestering her.”

“I have the right to win my wife back again.”

“Sure, then let’s have a fair competition.” Hunter smiled calmly, not bothered by Finnick’s words at all.

Having been in the market for a long time, he had seen all sorts of love rivals. It was impossible for him to be intimidated just by Finnick alone.

As Finnick glared at him, his expression grew colder by the second.

What kind of man has Vivian got her eyes on?

Just like that, a silent battle transpired between both men.

“That’s enough!” Unable to tolerate the hostile atmosphere between the two of them, Vivian stood up furiously. She left the restaurant and headed to the deck.

“Vivian’s my wife, regardless of whether it’s in the past or the future. We’ll definitely reconcile. So, you mustn’t have any thoughts about her. This is a warning to you,” threatened Finnick coldly before chasing after Vivian.

“Looks like things are becoming more and more interesting.” Instead of feeling worried or afraid after hearing Finnick’s words, a hint of excitement surfaced on Hunter’s face.

Indeed, he liked relationships which were challenging.

“I wondered how impressive you are. Turns out that you can’t even win that woman over.”

A mocking voice came from behind. When Hunter turned around, he saw Evelyn approaching him in her wheelchair. There was a cold smirk playing on her lips.

“He’s Vivian’s ex-husband?” Hunter threw a glance at Finnick, who looked like he was explaining something to Vivian. From his angle, he could see Finnick’s worried expression. “He’s your first love? You got me to approach Vivian just so you can reserve him for yourself?”

“Are you scared?” Evelyn provoked Hunter deliberately, afraid that he would back down. “Do you think that you can’t compare to Finnick?”

“What a joke!” Hunter glanced at Evelyn and declared proudly, “An interesting woman like her will only be mine!”

Evelyn felt satisfied upon hearing that as that was precisely her objective. However, a word which Hunter said earlier made her upset.

“How interesting can a divorced woman be?” she asked coldly. She hated it the most when others praised Vivian.

Staring at Vivian’s back with a longing gaze, he smiled. “A woman with a past is like a book filled with unraveled mysteries. She’ll only make men even more obsessed with her.”

Although Vivian had always treated him indifferently, it made him more attracted to her, giving him a greater urge to conquer and rule her heart.

Now that such a formidable love rival had appeared, he was even more eager to merge victorious. Hence, his determination rose instead of decreasing.

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