Never Late, Never Away Chapter 54

His grip around the newspaper tightened immediately.



How affectionate.

Also, how does he know that Vivian needs to pay her mom’s hospital bills?

Did Vivian tell him herself?

Finnick somehow felt his blood boil as the thought flashed past his mind.

She didn’t tell me about it, and yet she told Fabian?

Meanwhile, Vivian was done with the spaghetti. She brought the dish out of the kitchen and announced, “Time for lunch.”

She did not notice the unhappiness on Finnick’s face as she attempted to take off her apron. However, she struggled to do so as the knots were all tangled up behind her back.

Finnick looked up and saw her struggling. He slowly got up from the sofa, walked towards her, and held onto her hands. “Let me do it.”

His presence was unmistakable. As he spoke, the hot air from his mouth blew past her neck and made her cheeks go red. She quickly retracted her hand and thanked him.

Finnick kept quiet as he helped her untie the apron. Unfortunately, Vivian’s attempt earlier turned it into a dead knot.

“Ah…” Vivian became nervous as the man stood close to her. She had to distract herself by speaking. “Who was it earlier?”

Finnick’s hand froze for a moment, but he quickly responded, “It was Fabian.”

It was Vivian’s turn to freeze.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what he sent you?” Fabian continued, seeing that Vivian remained silent.

She gulped down and chuckled sarcastically. “Probably something to humiliate me.”

“No.” Finnick finally undid the knot and took the apron off for her. “He said he could lend you the money you need to pay your mom’s hospital bills.”

Vivian’s eyes widened as she spun around. “How did he know…”

She wanted to ask how Fabian knew about her mother’s hospitalization but she was met with Finnick’s cold stare when she turned.

Vivian paused for a brief moment.

“Finnick…” Based on his reaction, Vivian realized something. With a trembling voice, she asked him, “So you know about my mom too?”

He lowered his head and looked at her.

She worked hard in the kitchen. Beads of sweat were trickling down her forehead, and her bangs fell slightly. Finnick raised his hand, pushed the loose strands of hair behind her ear, and replied casually, “Yes, I know about her.”

Vivian trembled.

She should have expected this. Finnick was an incredible man who kept tabs on everything, including her.

“Are you angry?” Finnick frowned when he noticed that Vivian was still silent.

“No.” She shook her head, looking lethargic. “I expected you to be wary of those around you since you come from a prominent family.”

It’s just like how Fabian intentionally hid his identity back then. It is not out of the ordinary that Finnick would investigate me.

Finnick was rather hurt by her tone.

He never thought of guarding himself against her. In fact, he never looked into her apart from checking her background before their marriage. This time, the information coincidentally surfaced when he was looking into the incident from two years ago.

“Vivian.” Finnick was unreasonably bothered. He was about to continue when her phone rang.

“Let me get that.” Vivian did not want to continue the conversation with him. The phone call was her saving grace, so she quickly moved away from him and ran to the living room.

Upon seeing the caller ID, Vivian’s heart immediately skipped a beat and she picked up the call. “Hello? Dr. Jones? Well… About the hospital bills… I’m going to pay for it soon. Could you please–”

Before she could continue, the doctor’s panicked voice could be heard on the other end of the call. “Ms. William, your mom’s condition worsened suddenly. She needs an operation immediately! Could you please come over and sign the papers, as well as pay for the operation? That way we can move her into the operating theatre as soon as possible!”

Vivian felt her world collapse, and the color drained from her face.

The next second, she turned into a madwoman and dashed out of the villa.

“Vivian!” Finnick rushed up to her and held onto her arms. “What’s going on?”

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