Never Late, Never Away Chapter 540

Having been in multiple relationships in the past, an ordinary woman would not be able to arouse his interest. Conversely, only a sophisticated woman like Vivian was challenging and interesting enough for him.

He would definitely make Vivian his.

When Evelyn saw that even a playboy like Hunter was so smitten with Vivian, she was so angry that she almost crushed the wine glass in her hands.

What’s so good about that b*tch—Vivian? All the guys are so charmed by her!

When Vivian reached the deck, she breathed in deeply and tried to vent her frustration. What does Finnick think I am? Does he think that he can abandon me and get me back whenever he wants to?

Initially, Hunter’s arrival had already made her feel uncomfortable. Now that Finnick was there too, she wanted to return home as soon as possible.

Staring at the vast expanse of water, Vivian closed her eyes and felt the sea breeze against her face. As she calmed down, a satisfied expression crossed her face.

“Vivian, I have something to say to you. Let’s have a talk, okay?”

When she heard that familiar voice behind her, her face clouded over. She spun around and brushed past Finnick. Keeping her eyes fixed to the ground, she refused to look at him.

However, he grabbed her arm. “Vivian, let’s talk.”

“There’s nothing for us to talk about.” Vivian wanted to break free from his grip, but her strength paled in comparison to his. When she saw how Finnick was refusing to let her go, her fury rose again. “Release me!”

“I’ll never let you go!” Finnick moved closer to her and grabbed her other arm. “Listen to me, Vivian. The only reason why I agreed to sign the divorce agreement was because Evelyn…”

Although Finnick was eager to explain to her, she was not in the right state of mind to hear it.

“Your business with Evelyn has nothing to do with me! I just know that we’re divorced, so let go of me right now!” Vivian struggled to break free, but Finnick refused to do that.

Pinning her arms behind her back, Finnick pulled her into his arms and yelled, “Vivian, believe me. There’s nothing between me and Evelyn! I’ve always loved you.”

“Stop disgusting me with your excuses. I already know what kind of person you are. You’re the perfect match with Evelyn. The methods both of you resort to are identical. If you’re not together with her, even the heavens would find it a great pity. I hate you, you damned jerk. Let go of me!”

Vivian rarely scolded anyone like that. It was only today that she realized how natural she was at it when she was seething with anger.

As Finnick was focusing on embracing Vivian, who was struggling frantically in his arms, he was not bothered by what she was saying. He merely assumed that she was venting her fury.

Unable to control Vivian anymore, Finnick spun around while embracing her in his arms. He took two steps forward and pinned her against himself and the railings.

“Evelyn only became crippled because of me. I stayed with her for so many years just to take care of her. We’re only friends and there’s nothing else more than that,” explained Finnick anxiously as he moved closer to Vivian, trying to stop her from escaping.

When Vivian heard what he said, she stopped struggling and looked at him in a puzzled manner. What does Evelyn being crippled have anything to do with him?

Seeing that she was finally quiet, Finnick quickly grabbed the opportunity to explain what had happened.

“Vivian, when I received the divorce agreement Benedict sent and heard that you’re going to A Nation with him, I was so anxious to rush to the airport and convince you to stay. However, Evelyn kept stopping me. As I was in a great hurry, I shoved her away. I couldn’t control my strength and pushed her down the stairs.”

After a slight pause, he continued, “She got injured and fainted, so I sent her to the hospital. That’s why I didn’t have time to meet you. After the surgery, the doctor said that the nerves in her legs were damaged when she rolled down the stairs, so she might have to spend the rest of her life in the wheelchair.”

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