Never Late, Never Away Chapter 541

“There was no one by her side back then, and I was the one who led to her demise. Hence, when she asked me to stay with her, I was in no position to refuse. I had no choice but to bring her home and take care of her.”

Not expecting this backstory at all, Vivian’s resolve was wavering. From Finnick’s explanation, it seemed understandable that he chose to stay with Evelyn back then.

Realising that her resolve was wavering, Vivian quickly gathered her wandering thoughts. So what? When Finnick chose to divorce me, it’s because I’m not as important to him as Evelyn.

Furthermore, since he’s already made up his mind to take care of Eve, and has been doing so for five years; why is he saying that he wants to pursue me again? What is he trying to do?

Upon that thought, Vivian started to struggle again. “Then, you should take good care of her forever. What are you doing now? Do you want to be a two-timer? Let me tell you this, Finnick. You can dream on!”

Finnick grabbed the railings tightly, not letting her escape.

“That thought has never crossed my mind before. I’ve always loved you, Vivian. The only reason why I took care of Evelyn for five years is that I feel guilty. I swear, I only see her as a friend. I initially planned to look for you at A Nation after Evelyn could accept the fact that she was crippled and could live independently again. However, I discovered that I couldn’t wait any longer.”

After a slight pause, he continued, “Vivian, I love you and no one else. In these five years, I have been missing you so much that I’m going crazy. Now, you’ve finally returned. Let’s get back together again, okay?”

From Vivian’s memory, Finnick was not someone who would be willing to confess his love so directly. With a personality like his, it was already good that he would smile at you.

Yet, she heard Finnick, who was bad at expressing his own feelings, declaring his love for her over and over again. To be honest, she was a bit touched.

Furthermore, she felt like Finnick’s gaze was brimming with passion, almost overwhelming her. There was a look of love, regret, determination and pleading in his eyes.

Even though they were at the peak of their relationship five years ago, he had never looked at her in such a manner, as if he wanted to look into her soul.

This complex and emotional look in his eyes moved Vivian greatly. She had an urge to hug Finnick and lean against his chest, one from which she sought solace.

When Finnick noticed that familiar loving look in Vivian’s eyes, he could not help but feel delighted. He wanted to kiss her rosy lips and express his longing for her.

Yet, he reminded himself not to be too hasty. Hence, he said gently, “Vivian, your miscarriage is all my fault. I’m sorry.”

A hurt look flashed across Finnick’s eyes. When Vivian lost her child, the pain she felt was probably comparable to Evelyn’s. However, he was absent from her side.

Furthermore, it was partly his fault too. If he had protected her child well instead of feeling repulsed, the child could’ve been safely born into the world.

Unexpectedly, when Vivian heard him mention her child, the heartwarming feeling she felt earlier disappeared in an instant. A bitter feeling rose within her instead. She could not help but mock herself silently. The fact that the pain is gone doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten my lesson.

When she recalled the scene of the doctor walking towards her slowly with a speculum, a shiver ran down her spine. The feeling of helplessness, as if she was a lamb waiting to be slain, overwhelmed her again.

“No!” Vivian clutched her head in agony. She would never want to experience something like that again.

“What’s wrong, Vivian?” asked Finnick anxiously as he grabbed her.

At that moment, he looked like the devil to Vivian. When he stretched out his arms, it looked like he was going to snatch her child away from her.

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