Never Late, Never Away Chapter 542

“Get lost! Don’t touch me!”

She shoved Finnick away so forcefully that he staggered backwards before regaining his balance. On the other hand, Vivian took the opportunity to escape and run toward the cabin.

Little pumpkin! I want to see him now!

When she returned to the cabin, she saw Larry sitting on the sofa and watching cartoons on the television. Larry, who had always thought that cartoons were childish, was doubling over in laughter at a funny scene.

It was only then that Vivian’s heart stopped pounding so frantically. She would only be fine if Larry was safe and sound.

At that thought, Vivian hated herself for almost falling back in love for Finnick. He almost made her lose Larry, so she would never forgive him, no matter what!

“You’re back, Mommy!” When Larry turned around and saw Vivian standing at the entrance, he ran over to her excitedly.

When she carried him up, her heart melted. “Did you behave in the cabin? You weren’t mischievous, right?”

An exasperated look flashed across Larry’s eyes, making him look adorable. Whenever Mommy leaves my side for more than five minutes, the first thing she asks me is whether I’ve been mischievous.

“Mommy, I’m a good boy, okay?” protested Larry as he pouted.

“Okay, you’re the best.” Noticing Larry’s gloomy expression, Vivian’s heart ached and she quickly consoled him.

“I’m fine, Mommy. I’m not blaming you. I love you the most!” A bright grin spread Larry’s cheeks, shocking Vivian with his rapid change in mood.

“What did you do just now, Mommy?”

Actually, Larry wanted to ask whether she had met his father.

Not wanting Larry to insist on looking for Finnick if he knew he was there, Vivian flicked his nose and smiled affectionately. “I was at the dining room. After eating, I came back to keep you company.”

“Did you see Daddy?” As he was a child, he did not know how to conceal his emotions. When he gazed at Vivian, his eyes were filled with excitement. “I saw Daddy at the dining room just now. Did you see him?”

Upon the mention of Finnick, a cold expression spread across Vivian’s face. “Really? I didn’t see him.”

“But he was right opposite us. Did you really not see him?” asked Larry anxiously. Did my plan fail?

The only reason why I agreed that annoying Mr. Yates to come to this cruise is to create a chance for Daddy and Mommy to meet!

“I really didn’t see him.” Not wanting to discuss Finnick with Larry, Vivian quickly changed the topic.

Although Larry was still young, he could sense that Vivian did not really like his father. As he did not want to make her unhappy, he answered her questions obediently and stopped mentioning Finnick.

However, thoughts raced in his mind. Looks like there must be a misunderstanding between Mommy and Daddy. I must think of a way to solve it for them.

To prevent Finnick from seeing Larry the next morning, Vivian ordered a children’s set meal and asked for it to be delivered to their cabin. After watching Larry finish his breakfast, Vivian left him with a couple of reminders.

“Larry, wait for me in the cabin like a good boy. I’ll be back soon to accompany you. Promise me that you won’t roam around, okay? Otherwise, I’ll be worried.”

“Okay, Mommy. I’ll wait for you in the cabin and not go anywhere else.”

“Good boy!” Smiling and stroking Larry’s head, Vivian could not help but hug him again. Sometimes, her son was so sensible that her heart ached.

“Go quickly, Mommy.” Larry raised his head in Vivian’s arms and hurried her. Perhaps, she’ll meet Daddy today!

“Okay, I’ll leave now.” After kissing Larry longingly, she stood up and left the room.

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