Never Late, Never Away Chapter 543

When Vivian reached the dining room, she could not help but feel glad for her foresight. As expected, she bumped into Finnick again. When Vivian saw Evelyn, who was sitting opposite him with a bright smile, a cold smirk played on her lips.

Yesterday, he promised with such confidence that he had nothing to do with Evelyn. Yet, they were now sitting together and having breakfast so intimately. Looks like a man’s words cannot be trusted, huh?

After scanning her surroundings, she spotted Hunter, who was waving at her. Hence, she walked toward him.

“Why isn’t Larry here with you?” asked Hunter, feeling concerned.

“He’s already eaten breakfast and is now in the cabin.” She lowered her head, drank the corn soup, and ate the dishes which Hunter had ordered for her. It was the first time she felt that he really understood her preference in food well.

“Vivian, are you interested in taking a yacht out to the sea today? It seems quite interesting,” invited Hunter. After what happened yesterday, he had decided to pursue her more aggressively.

“I have to go back and accompany Larry later, so I might not be able to make it.” Vivian rejected him as usual.

“You can ask someone to take care of him on your behalf. Nothing bad will happen.” Hunter was as insistent like before. “It’s so rare for us to have a chance to have fun outside. It’ll be a huge pity if we don’t go out to sea at least once, right?”

Vivian, who was planning to reject him again, raised her head. However, she coincidentally saw Evelyn wipe Finnick’s lips with a napkin. As Finnick’s back was facing Vivian, she could not see how his expression was like.

For some reason, fury started to rise within her and she had an urge to be reckless.

“Sure, when should we set off?”

Although she did not know why she agreed to Hunter’s invitation, that was what she wanted to do. In fact, she felt thrilled that she could take revenge.

“What about ten? I’ll see you at your cabin.” Hunter was delighted.

“Alright,” mumbled Vivian before returning to her food. The corn soup which she had enjoyed so much earlier suddenly tasted slightly strange, although she did not know why.

She finished breakfast emotionlessly before bidding Hunter farewell and returning to her cabin.

After telling Larry that she was going out to sea, she reminded him to wait for her obediently. When it was time, Hunter knocked on Vivian’s door. Still feeling worried, she reminded Larry over and over again.

Although she was starting to regret her rash decision, she could not bring herself to reject Hunter when she saw his bright grin. Hence, she could only steel herself and get onto the speedboat with him.

“How’s the view?” Hunter deliberately moved closer to Vivian and whispered into her ear.

Feeling repulsed by their intimacy, Vivian frowned and inched away from him. “It’s not bad.”

“What about me?” Hunter moved closer to her again.

“What do you mean?” A hint of impatience appeared in Vivian’s eyes.

“Vivian, why don’t you be my girlfriend?” Hunter cut straight to the point and took a step forward. He was so close to her that if he lowered his head, he could kiss Vivian’s lips.

Sensing Hunter’s breath puffing on her cheeks, she could not endure it anymore. She pushed him further away and took a few steps back. With a cold expression, she glared at him.

“Hunter, what benefits did Evelyn offer to you to make you help her?”

Larry had constantly been on Vivian’s mind. She was blaming herself for acting so rashly and leaving him all alone on the cruise ship. Now that Hunter was behaving like that to her, she was in no mood to continue acting with him. Hence, she decided to be honest and upfront with him.

“You knew?” Hunter was taken aback when he heard her.

“Yeah,” snapped Vivian impatiently. “So, stop acting and tell me directly. What do you want to do? Or in other words, what does Evelyn want you to do?”

Hunter quickly regained his composure after hearing his words. It’s good that she knows. Anyway, I was planning to admit it to her a few days later.

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