Never Late, Never Away Chapter 548

“When your wife was kidnapped, you promised all of Finnor Group’s client data to them in exchange. Tell me if this wasn’t the case!” the pirate challenged.

Vivian’s hand flew to her mouth. Her eyes widened in shock. How could that be? Did Finnick really expose all of Finnor Group’s client data because of me?

Vivian stood where she was holding her breath; her body quivering slightly, her ears keenly tuned for Finnick’s reply. Vivian was in shock. How is this possible? However, Finnick’s reply never came. The pirate’s voice, on the other hand, increased in volume and rage.

“Your silence speaks for itself. You’re really something, Finnick. Your wife’s life is important, but what about the rest of the stockholders? Did you think about anyone else? Did you think about the consequences that your actions would have on all of us?

I’m a firm believer in retribution. An eye for an eye! You should have expected some kind of payback for your heinous deed. Today on behalf of everyone who suffered because of you, I’m going to give you b*stard the punishment you deserve…”

Vivian was now persuaded that in order to rescue her five years ago, Finnick had readily sacrificed his own business and future.

She grappled with the feelings that were bubbling up within her. They left her feeling bewildered. The memory of Finnick caressing her as she slept in the hospital bed rose unbidden to Vivian’s mind.

He must have been exhausted from everything that he was dealing with at work. Then, he had to go to the hospital to care for me. Yet Finnick had never breathed a word of this to Vivian. Was he afraid that I’d feel guilty because of that?

Tears sparkled in Vivian’s eyes and threatened to spill over. She was undeniably moved. Finnick had given up so much for her! So he was sincere, after all…

“Vivian, let’s go! Otherwise, it’ll really be too late,” Hunter urged. He felt an overwhelming instinct to knock her unconscious and haul her along with him at the rate she was holding them back. We’re on the brink of death! What else is there to think about?

Although Vivian still couldn’t quite forgive Finnick for what he had done to herself and Larry, neither could she steel herself to walk away without intervening in Finnick’s time of trouble.

She thrust Larry towards Hunter. With a solemn look, Vivian said quickly, “Take Little Pumpkin with you and go! I have to stay here.”

After all, Finnick was in this mess partly because of her. She couldn’t possibly leave him now.

“You’re crazy!” Hunter threw himself before Vivian, barricading her way forward with Larry in his arms. “Don’t be stupid! Now’s not the time to behave recklessly. Leave with me right now!”

Hunter struggled to grab Vivian and pull her away, but she had long since made up her mind. Vivian knew that if she left now, she would never be able to live with herself.

“I’ve made up my mind. Take Little Pumpkin away with you quickly! Please take care of him,” Vivian begged, casting one last longing glance at Larry. She broke free of Hunter’s grip and pushed them aside, storming towards the atrium.

Hunter barely stopped himself from calling after her, afraid that he would draw the pirate’s attention to himself and Larry. He could only watch as Vivian marched towards certain danger.

However, something was stopping Hunter from fleeing for his life and taking Larry along with him. He froze on the spot not knowing what to do.

As she entered the atrium, Vivian was greeted by the sight of the pirate pointing the barrel of his gun directly at Finnick’s head. Finnick was usually terribly fastidious about his appearance. At the moment, however, he was half-kneeling on the floor, his clothes wrinkled with a giant shoe print on his chest.

He remained remarkably calm despite the circumstances. The only indication of his suffering was the scrunching up of his features. A thin trickle of blood ran from the corner of his mouth.

Vivian anxiously looked Finnick up and down, taking consolation in the fact that there were no other visible injuries on his body.

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