Never Late, Never Away Chapter 549


“Someone please help us!”

“Get us out of here!”

Everyone in the hall was desperately calling out to Vivian for help when they noticed her. They assumed she was the police coming to their rescue.

However, their cries for help agitated the robber, so he fired a warning shot towards the sky. “Everyone shut the f*** up!”

Bang! The anxious hostages screamed as soon as they heard the gunshot but immediately silenced themselves right after, allowing quietness to ensue once again. All the hostages were crouching with their hands on their heads, shivering for fear that the robber might point the gun at them.

Seeing that crowd was under control again, the robber pointed his gun towards Vivian with a restless look on his face. “Stay there and don’t move! Don’t come any closer!” His voice was clearly trembling.

At the same time, as soon as Vivian saw the gun pointing at her, she immediately became weak at the knees, barely holding herself up with those legs of hers. She swallowed hard and just stood there, afraid to move even an inch forward.

“Who are you! Why are you here!” The robber’s heart was racing. All he could think of at that moment was how he should escape if the police had actually arrived.

Before Vivian could say anything, Finnick roared at her, “What are you doing here! Leave!”

The man who wore a straight face even at gunpoint was currently covered in a cold sweat. No one knew how terrified he was just now when Vivian suddenly appeared.

“Stay quiet!” The robber pulled his hand back and bashed Finnick on the head with the handle of the gun. As blood flowed down the side of Finnick’s face, the gun was once again pointing back at him.

He was secretly relieved when he felt the gun pressed on his temple. A moment ago, Finnick was going insane when the gun was pointing towards Vivian. She was the only one on his mind, and he could not stand seeing her in such a dangerous situation.

“Who the hell are you!” Even though the gun was pointing at Finnick, the robber’s attention was still on Vivian.

Vivian kept her cool and shifted her worried gaze away from Finnick. She took a deep breath before trying her best to act tough.

“I’m Finnick’s wife, the one that you mentioned. The Finnor Group publicized those client data because of me, so I’m the real culprit, not him. Let him go.”

“What are you talking about! Just run!” Finnick shouted at her maddeningly. What Vivian said made him extremely frustrated because he had no idea what was going on in her head.

This is not something that you can take on all the blame for! Your life is at stake here!

Having said that, Finnick still felt a little touched as tears wet his eyes. Does this mean she still loves me? She wouldn’t have risked her life for me like this if she doesn’t, right?

Nevertheless, Vivian ignored Finnick and continued, “Let Finnick go. If you want revenge, I’m right here. I was the one responsible for ruining your life.”

Meanwhile, Evelyn, who was among the hostages, kept her eyes on the blood on Finnick’s head, concerned to the point of tears. When she heard what Vivian said, an extreme amount of rage welled up inside her as she shifted her gaze towards Vivian and gave her a death stare.

This is all because of her! Finnick wouldn’t have gotten into this situation and got hurt because of her! In Evelyn’s mind, Finnick should be placed on a pedestal and be respected by all. He should never be taking hits from a bunch of goons.

“Yes! That’s her! She was the one that ruined your family! Finnick had nothing to do with it. Just shoot her!” Evelyn bellowed.

Just die, Vivian! Why don’t you die!

Evelyn currently had a menacing look on her face as her hatred for Vivian filled up her mind. She had totally forgotten that nothing would have happened if she did not kidnap Vivian back then.

“Shut up!” Finnick roared at Evelyn angrily. He did not expect that she would be fanning the flame of the situation.

But he was too late. Evelyn’s words had given the robber a final nudge into insanity. Slowly, he raised his arm and pointed the gun at Vivian.

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