Never Late, Never Away Chapter 55

As he turned her around forcefully, he was astonished to see tears streaming down her cheeks.

Vivian yelled at the top of her voice, “Let go of me! My mom needs surgery! Let go!”

Finnick’s eyes darkened, but he did not let go of her. Instead, he pulled her into a tight embrace and commanded, “Vivian, calm down! You won’t make it in time even if you go now. Let me call Noah and get him to the hospital.”

“No…” Vivian instinctively rejected his offer to help. However, she saw the flashing anger in his eyes the moment she spoke.

“Vivian! How long more are you going to keep this up? Do you want your mother to recover?” he bellowed. The next moment, he noticed the slight wariness in her eyes and softened his tone. “Did you forget that I’m your husband? Please, let me help you during times like this.”

Please, let me help you during times like this.

Vivian’s aggression subsided upon hearing this as she looked at him in a daze.

She did not expect an arrogant man like him to speak like this.

He wants to help. He even said “please”.

Seeing that Vivian is calmer, Finnick fished out his phone and called Noah. “Hello? Noah, go to the hospital now and arrange for Vivian’s mom to go for surgery. Yes, it’s an emergency. Also, pay for the hospital bills.”

He kept his eyes on Vivian as he spoke.

Meanwhile, Vivian lowered her head like a child who committed wrong. At last, she chose to let him help.

After the call, Finnick took her hand and said, “Let’s go. I’ll drive you to the hospital.”

He led her out of the house as he spoke.

When they reached the entrance, Vivian remembered something and quickly stopped. “Finnick, your wheelchair…”

Xavier told her that Finnick faked being a cripple to guard himself against his brother. There might be uninvited trouble if someone saw him standing.

Finnick paused in his tracks and glanced sideways at her. With what seemed like a smile, he asked, “Are you afraid that people will find out?”

She nodded and rushed to take the wheelchair beside the entrance. “Let me push you out.”

He sat down in the wheelchair and let her push him out of the house. At that moment, his anger subsided and his mood got better.

Seems like Vivian still cares about me.

The driver sped to the hospital after they got in the car.

While it was not a long journey, Vivian still felt like it was an eternity. She kept fidgeting in her seat on their way there.

All of a sudden, she felt warmth on her hands.

Blinking her eyes in surprise, she turned to see Finnick holding her hands.

Her hands were ice-cold as she was nervous. In contrast, the warmth from his hands made her feel much more at ease. Gradually, she became less anxious and calmed down slightly.

The car finally arrived at the hospital. Right after it parked itself at the entrance, Vivian jumped down from the vehicle and forgot about her husband.

When she rushed to the entrance of the operating theatre, Noah immediately stood up and greeted her. “Mrs. Norton.”

Just then, a nurse rushed out from the operating theatre. Instantly, Vivian approached her and asked, “Miss, how is my mom?”

The nurse kept her reply simple. “As this was a sudden decision, the risks are much higher as compared to normal surgeries. In any case, I would need you to wait here.”

Then, she rushed off somewhere.

Vivian collapsed onto the ground upon hearing this.

She always knew that her mom needed the surgery to live on. Unfortunately, the operation had little chance of success because her mom was always in a weak condition. This was why Vivian let the doctors treat her mom using medication first, as she thought it would be a wiser choice to let her get better before heading for an operation.

She never thought they would have to rush into surgery due to a worsening of her mother’s condition. The chances of success would be even lower now.

The more she thought about it, the more afraid she got. She recoiled in fear on the ground and trembled uncontrollably.

If something happens to Mom… W-What am I going to do?

“Vivian, it’s cold on the ground. Don’t sit there.”

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