Never Late, Never Away Chapter 550

“So it’s you! It’s all your fault!” The robber exclaimed.

My business, my family, everything I had is gone because of this woman. She should die! Both of them should die! I had a good life ahead of me, but it’s all ruined because of this couple. I’ll make them pay! You should both suffer in hell!

The hatred in his eyes was burning furiously as the robber slowly approached Vivian. He was ready to pull the trigger at any moment.

“Mommy, no!” Larry saw what was going on from the deck through the window and was about to rush to the hall to save Vivian. Please! Don’t let anything bad happen to Mommy!

However, Hunter immediately gave Larry a bear hug, locking him in place as Hunter did all he could to suppress Larry’s struggling and stop him from going in. Hunter was currently in disbelief.

When he first started learning the language, he learned something about love that transcended life and death. He refused the notion thinking that no one would ever do something so stupid.

To him, besides the parents, there was nothing more important than one’s own life. Love was just a way to have fun and kill time. There was no point in getting hurt over it.

Nevertheless, that day, he finally realized that something like that did, in fact, exist. A feeling so strong that one would forfeit their life for another.

Does Vivian actually hate Finnick like how she acts?

Back in the hall, Vivian’s senses intensified from the tension. She could clearly feel the beads of sweat slipping down the back of her ears while the beating of her heart pummeled at her eardrum. Vivian closed her eyes when she realized the gun was getting really close.

Sorry, Little pumpkin. I won’t be able to watch you grow up, watch you get married, and have kids. I’m so sorry…

Her tears flowed down her cheeks as she waited hopelessly for the sound of gunfire. But it never came.

What she heard instead was the robber’s painful cry. So, she opened her eyes.

In front of Vivian, the robber was lying down on his back with one hand on his shoulder. He was moaning in pain while Finnick wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth and pointed the gun at the robber.

When Finnick saw the robber approach Vivian, he was anxious to the point where he felt like his heart was about to explode. As he could not stay still any longer, Finnick blindsided the robber while he was not looking. He closed in on him and immediately grabbed the arm holding the gun, twisting it backward with all his might.

Crack! There was a crisp crackling sound as the robber’s arm was dislocated from his shoulder, followed by the man’s painful cry.

After that, Finnick snapped out a kick towards the robber’s chest, knocking him down. Finnick proceeded to pick up the gun and pointed it at the robber.

Ever since he was kidnapped with Vivian fifteen years ago, Finnick had put in some work and picked up quite a few self-defense and martial art techniques. When he subdued the robber, he felt glad that he did not let up on honing those skills.

On the other hand, Vivian realized that she was safe, so she let out a deep sigh of relief and allowed herself to slump to the ground. She was trying to calm herself down as the fear sank in.

When the hostages saw that Finnick had taken the gun away from the robber, everyone stood up with no more concern on their minds. They surrounded the criminal as some even gave him a few more kicks.

The man on the floor was struggling to get up, wanting to escape. Nonetheless, no one there would ever let him go. Someone ordered a server to find some rope and tied the robber up before they started reprimanding the man for his actions and releasing the pent-up frustration and anger they accumulated.

Those people were very much accustomed to the high life, so the terror and indignant they felt from the incident had brought out the worst in them as they disregarded all the etiquette that they once emphasized.

“You really thought you had all the power in the world with that tiny gun, huh?”

“A solo mission to rob a cruise ship? You’re brave if nothing else.”

“Call the police already! Illegal possession of a firearm, kidnap and blackmail. I reckon he would be in jail for the rest of his life with these charges.”

“You shouldn’t have gotten into stocks if you can’t take the hit. If everyone were like you, none of us here would be able to do any business!”

“Call the police, quick! I’ll put a word in with you at the police station. I want this man dead in the prison cell! Goddammit! I thought I could have some fun on this cruise. Why did this have to happen to me!”

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