Never Late, Never Away Chapter 552

“Vivian, are you okay?” A voice from the entrance interrupted Vivian’s thoughts, and she turned around to find Hunter running towards her.

She realized that the position she and Finnick could easily be misinterpreted, so she instinctively pushed him away.

Hunter, however, did not notice anything. All he could think about was whether Vivian was hurt as he held on to her shoulders and inspected. He let out a sigh of relief when he confirmed that there were no injuries on Vivian.

“Did you know how worried I was? Never let yourself be in danger like that ever again!”

Vivian felt a little awkward with how intimate Hunter sounded, but she understood that he was sincerely concerned about her well-being. So she answered him in a calm manner, “I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

Beside her, Finnick’s expression had darkened into something cold and rather terrifying. This man again. What’s their relationship? Why is he touching her like this!

His terrifying aura was so strong that even Hunter felt it. Thus, Hunter let go of Vivian, straightened up, and stared down at Finnick with an indescribable sense of envy from within.

It was obvious to Hunter that Vivian had feelings for the man in front of him since she was even willing to risk her life for him, and he realized that there would be a lot more obstacles between him and Vivian because of it.

Although Hunter had to admit that Finnick was remarkable in many aspects, he himself was just as impressive, so there was no way he would back down in the pursuit of Vivian’s affection.

On top of that, Finnick failed to hold on to her. This meant that there were some inherent flaws in their relationship since they would not have separated otherwise. Hunter was not someone who believed that a broken mirror was ever fixable.

At that moment, both men could see the determination in each other’s eyes, and no one wanted to be the first to look away as that was an indication of backing down to them. Neither of them would back down when it came to Vivian.

Meanwhile, Vivian had roughly figured out what was going on between the two men, and she was thinking to herself in a somewhat self-deprecating manner. Never in my life would I had thought that two men would be fighting over me like that.

In the end, Vivian was the one that broke the silence. “Hunter, you were looking for me?” She could not actually let those two faced off like that to no end. Even she was starting to feel the chills as if the hall was getting cold.

Having heard what Vivian said, Hunter finally pulled his stare away and turned towards her. “I’ve just settled him down, so I came to make sure you were okay.”

Vivian had informed him a few days ago that Finnick did not know of Larry’s existence, so she wanted him to keep it a secret. That was why Hunter did not mention any names.

Naturally, Vivian knew who he was referring to. “Is he okay?” She asked anxiously.

“He’s fine.” Hunter shook his head. “But I think it’s better if you were there with him.”

“Okay.” Vivian nodded immediately. “Let’s go back!”

She felt guilty for forgetting that Larry was waiting for her. Larry must be terrified from what just happened. I need to go to him immediately and let him know everything is okay now.

“Who are you two talking about?” Finnick grabbed Vivian’s arm and asked, seeing that she was about to leave. He felt like an outsider because he could not understand who they were talking about, and he despised that sort of feeling.

Right then, Finnick’s question reminded Vivian of the time he forced her into the abortion.

“It has nothing to do with you,” Vivian answered with a cold expression as she flicked his hand off her. After that, she turned around and left the hall. This man has no right to talk about Larry, nor does he have the right to be his father!

Vivian was a forgiving person, but that was something she would never let go of. She had vowed to never forgive Finnick for what he did, no matter what.

Finnick shot Hunter a piercing gaze when he realized Vivian had gone back into her cold self, even after seeing her clearly swayed by his proposal. Does she really like this man? Why is she distancing herself from me as soon as he shows up?

Hunter, on the other hand, greatly contrasted the murderous presence Finnick was exuding. His mood was much better as he looked at Finnick with a grin before leaving behind Vivian.

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