Never Late, Never Away Chapter 558

Oh lord! And the snot on their faces and clothes. Disgusting! Evelyn was regretting her decision to come to the orphanage.

Nevertheless, she could not express any of those inner thoughts in front of Vivian. So, she had to keep up with the act. “Come on now. Don’t cry. Calm down… “

As a mother, Vivian’s natural instinct when the boy started crying was to head over and give him a hug, but she did not do that because she saw that Evelyn was already there.

However, seeing the clear disgust and frustration on Evelyn’s face made her sneer. Evelyn did not even try to wipe their tears off as she was certainly distancing herself from them for fear that the dirt on them might get on to her.

If you’re trying to put on a show, at least play the part seriously. Do you think I’m going to believe this sloppy acting of yours? Vivian still vividly remembered how Evelyn shouted for the robber to kill her on the cruise ship.

At that moment, the children’s cry was getting out of control. Seeing that Evelyn was not taking any action, Vivian quickly approached the children and pulled them into her embrace, comforting them. Vivian was very experienced as she always comforted Larry. So, it was not long before the kids started smiling again.

Kids were really keen on spotting who was nice and who was not. Hence, they all started sticking to Vivian after that and left Evelyn alone.

Evelyn had to admit that Vivian looked dazzling when she was playing with the kid. She glowed with motherly love that attracted everyone towards her.

And it was because of that that made Evelyn’s hatred burn even brighter as she clenched her fist and gritted her teeth. I would have never expected her to become so mature and attractive after these five years. I wanted her to suffer, but it turns out I’m the only one suffering on this wheelchair, day in and day out.

After having fun with the kids for a while, the kids were summoned away to attend their classes. So Vivian went and stood by Evelyn’s side.

“Why did you ask me to come here today?” Vivian’s tone was vastly different from when she was playing with the children, cold and unrelenting.

“Not much. I just wanted you to experience the happiness that these kids bring. I come here every week as a volunteer. You don’t know how cute these kids are.”

Evelyn then made a shy expression and continued, “Finnick used to come here with me. You know, it’s very inconvenient for me to move around, so he did not want me to go out alone. But he’s busy today, so I gave you a call.”

Vivian secretly sneered when she heard Evelyn. She realized that Evelyn was trying to establish dominance.

“Since you can treat those kids you don’t know so lovingly, why can’t you do the same for your mother? How can you be so ruthless to your own family?” Vivian went straight to the point, stunning Evelyn for a short while.

“What are you talking about, Vivian? I don’t quite understand.”

“I remember telling you five years ago that Rachel Williams, your birth mother, has leukemia. She needed your bone marrow to save her life, but you actually never visited her?” Vivian was infuriated.

How could she ignore her mother to this extend?

“I… I did visit her… “Evelyn was searching in her head, trying to find an excuse. But she stuttered because she could not find any. Her expression gradually darkened.

Rachel again? That woman cost me my position in the Morrison family. Now she’s trying to spoil my plans? How could she do this to her own daughter? Does she hate me that much?

Evelyn felt disgusted at the thought of Rachel smiling at her, trying to please her. She’s not my mother! My mother should be someone elegant and graceful. Someone beautiful. Not some housemaid that gets ordered around!

In her mind, having a mother with a lowly status would only devalue her status. Evelyn was going crazy just from thinking about how noblemen would point fingers at her, talking about her being a maid’s daughter. Let alone experiencing it.

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