Never Late, Never Away Chapter 559

Truth be told, Rachel did contact Evelyn earlier on during those years, but Evelyn would always get flustered whenever she saw Rachel. To her, Rachel was a stain on her perfect life. Evelyn would be glad if Rachel died sooner and disappear from the world. That way, she would not have to worry about her true identity being exposed.

Thus, there was no way she would ever help Rachel. Since if it were not for Rachel, Evelyn would still be living in the Morrison family.

It’s all that hag’s fault!

“Are you going to help your mother or not? Her body’s not going to last much longer.” Vivian asked, seeing that Evelyn was unable to piece a sentence together.

You witch! Evelyn thought. What does any of this have to do with me? That old hag is your mother! Why are you asking me!

Evelyn cursed at Vivian as she continued to think of a way to brush the topic aside.

She was currently in no position to have a fallout with Vivian. She needed Vivian’s trust so that her plan could move forward. We’ll see if you can talk to me like this again when I finally get my hands on you.

“Vivian, I wish I could do that. Even if she and I are unrelated, it’s still someone’s life at stake here.” Evelyn put up the most pitiable expression she could think of and forced out some tears. But…

“But I have a weak body. I really can’t do anything about that.” Evelyn shifted her gaze towards her legs. “I’ve been looking for a suitable donor all these years. If I found one, I’d definitely make arrangements for the surgery immediately.”

“Weak body?” Vivian looked at Evelyn suspiciously. She had no idea whether what she said was true or not.

“I know a specialist. Maybe I can ask him to run through some tests and see what’s wrong with you. I’ll give him a call. Let’s head to the hospital later.”

Vivian took out her phone as soon as she finished. She figured it was easier to confirm Evelyn’s condition with some examinations than to guess blindly.

“There’s no need for that!” Evelyn quickly snatched away Vivian’s phone.

Realizing that her reaction was too over the top, Evelyn apologetically passed the phone back to Vivian. Then, she proceeded to put up a sad front. “I’ve been to many hospitals. They all said that my body condition is not suited for surgeries like that. Vivian, if I could, I would definitely help her. After all, she’s my… “

Evelyn paused. She refused the idea of calling that woman her mother even if she was pretending.

“After all, she and I are related. I wouldn’t be so cruel as to leave her to die.” Evelyn continued with a flash of sinister in her eyes.

Vivian immediately noticed that and understood Evelyn was most probably making up excuses. Nevertheless, forcing Evelyn to the hospital was out of the question. She could not just force her onto the operating table.

“Even if your body’s weak. You should at least visit her often. Do you know how she’s doing right now?”

Vivian’s voice started to choke up as images of Rachel’s frail figure flashed in her head.

She covered her mouth and pinched her nose, forcing the tears back as she tried to calm down. After that, she continued, “You know how much your mom missed you? Do you know how much she wanted to see you? How many times have you actually visited her all this time?”

However, not only did Evelyn not feel guilt from Vivian’s questioning, she was getting agitated.

At that point in time, she desperately wanted to scream and shout at Vivian. That old hag is not my mother! She’s yours! The two of you ruined my life! I hate both of you! You should all drop dead!

Nevertheless, Evelyn held it in. “I understand. I go visit her within a few days,” she promised since she could not come up with a rebuttal.

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