Never Late, Never Away Chapter 563

Hunter was always envied by other men because of the number of female friends he had. However, the moment he heard Vivian’s words on the cruise ship, he finally knew how it felt to be jealous. That’s right. He was jealous of Finnick for having a woman who was willing to die for him.

“You’re wasting my time. I have other matters to attend to, so I don’t have time to fool around with you.” Unaware of Hunter’s thoughts, Vivian was ruthless with her words.

The man felt an excruciating pain in his heart when he heard the woman’s harsh words. So this is what heartbreak feels like. It seems spending time with me is a waste of her time.

He took in a deep breath and apologized sincerely, “Vivian, I’m sorry for helping Evelyn to pick on you. Please forgive me.”

“What do you mean?” Seeing how Hunter was sincere in his apology out of the blue, Vivian froze.

“I won’t do that again. Can we become… Friends?” Hunter was nervous as he looked at her. Will she forgive me?

He was anxious, as he didn’t have any confidence if the woman would forgive him.

Digesting his words repeatedly, Vivian wasn’t sure if she should believe him. What if this is also one of Evelyn’s new tricks?

“Alright.” The woman nodded in the end. Perhaps she was moved by Hunter’s sincerity. Or maybe she chose to trust in the good of humanity.

However, she couldn’t trust him fully, so she didn’t completely lower her guard.

Meanwhile, Finnick was handling the paperwork in his office, but his mind was in a complete mess as he couldn’t focus on his work. The image of Vivian and Hunter leaving side by side lingered in his mind.

Given how low his productivity was, he closed the files and leaned against the office chair while shutting his eyes to relax.

Ever since that time on the cruise ship, he didn’t meet Vivian and Hunter, but their figures kept on appearing in his mind. It was as if they were always by his side, be it at home, in the office, at the dining table, in the meeting room, in his dreams, and whatnot.

The sight of them together continued to show up in front of him. Even though he knew they were all illusions, he could feel pain in his heart.

They ate at the same table, and Hunter wiped her lips. There was some secret between them which I was oblivious to. Also, she behaved coldly toward me. Will they be more intimate when no one was around?

These thoughts made Finnick feel like he was on the brink of insanity. He dared not imagine their interactions, as he was scared they might become real. He was afraid of losing her to another man. All this would be too much for him to bear.

Opening his eyes, Finnick took in a few deep breaths to flush away those images in his mind.

No. I’ll have to know if they are just friends or a couple. If they are indeed couples, which step are they at? I must know. If I kept on guessing around, I’ll lose my mind one day.

Knock knock knock! Suddenly, someone was knocking on the door.

Sitting upright in his seat, Finnick flipped the files open.

“Come in.” He sounded calm like the man he was as if the fragile man suffering over heartbreak just now never existed.

The door was pushed open, and Noah walked into the office.

Stopping in his tracks, he informed, “Mr. Norton, Mr. Long of the Fortune Group agreed to give another two percent of profit to us, but under one condition: the Finnor Group will cover for the warranty of the products.”

A few days ago, Noah was sent overseas for work. Given how diligent he was, he rushed to the company to report to Finnick about the negotiation results once he got off the plane.

“Alright. Good work.” Finnick smiled faintly. Soon after, his smile disappeared and his expression turned cold as usual.

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