Never Late, Never Away Chapter 564

Looking at Noah, Finnick said, “There’s one thing I would like you to look into.”

Noah replied, “What do you need, Mr. Norton?”

“Vivian’s back. Look into her relationship with a man called Hunter Yates and report back to me as soon as possible.” Finnick clenched his fists when he was saying his words.

It never crossed his mind that he would have to investigate the relationship between his wife and another man.

Although they were divorced, he still thought of Vivian as his wife, and no other man could mess with her.

“Mrs. Norton’s back?” Noah was shocked, as he never expected Vivian to come back.

Recalling the time he forced an abortion onto Vivian, he started sweating profusely. Drops of sweat were dripping down from his forehead toward his cheeks.

Did they find out about this?

Seeing Noah’s reaction, Finnick frowned in confusion. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing.” Overwhelmed by guilt, Noah wiped off his sweat with the back of his hand. “I was just shocked when I heard Mrs. Norton’s back. When did she return? Have you guys… met?”

If they did, will Mrs. Norton speak to Mr. Norton about the abortion? Does Mr. Norton know about that incident? If he does, what should I do? How do I explain it to him?

I had no choice but to obey Evelyn because my parents were held hostage by her. But if I tell the truth, will Mr. Norton forgive me? Will Mrs. Norton forgive me?

Worry and fear began piling up in Noah’s heart when he thought about it. However, he felt relieved after a different thought came to mind. It seems Mr. Norton didn’t know about it yet. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so calm. But how long can I conceal this from him?

“We met some time ago.” Finnick never doubted Noah’s loyalty. “Rest first before you proceed with the investigation. Also, she’s called Vivian Morrison now. Don’t mess up the names.” With that, Finnick continued reading through the documents.

“Understood. I’ll get on with it.” After responding to his boss’ orders, Noah turned around and left the office.

His steps were wobbly, but Finnick didn’t notice as he was focused on his work.

Exiting the president’s office in a daze, Noah felt his legs gave away. All he could think of was how he should explain the incident to Finnick and Vivian and beg for their forgiveness.

In fact, he was suffering from guilt all these years. It had been five years. However, whenever he saw children, the image of Vivian pleading to spare her unborn baby would always surface in his mind, while guilt would come raining down on him and fill his heart with remorse.

Noah had witnessed Finnick’s longing and tolerance for Vivian all these years. There were times he wanted to tell Finnick the truth so badly. This was so that the latter could see Evelyn’s true colors and get back together with Vivian.

However, he chickened out every time, as he had his worries.

“Noah!” Noah’s train of thoughts was disrupted by an ear-piercing yell. Glancing back, he saw Evelyn wheeling toward him.

Disgust settled itself deep in his heart, and he wanted to leave that place as soon as possible. He had been evading Evelyn all these years because he didn’t wish to see her.

Every time he saw her bringing up her leg injury to convince Finnick into agreeing with her unreasonable requests, he wanted to disclose everything she did so badly.

“Stop right there, Noah!” Evelyn turned her wheelchair quickly and blocked his path. “What’s wrong with you? Why do you seem so out of it? And you even dare to turn your back on me? Do you want to get fired?”

Listening to her threats, Noah felt like laughing. She thinks she can order Mr. Norton around? She had overestimated herself.

After snapping at Noah, Evelyn felt better. “Come with me. I have something to discuss.”

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