Never Late, Never Away Chapter 565

“What do you want?” Noah immediately tensed up with wary in his eyes. This evil woman must be up to no good seeing how she came to find me.

“Why are you so worked up? Let’s go somewhere quiet and have a talk.” Evelyn frowned, as she was displeased with his reaction.

Noah hesitated to do as she said. Evelyn must be here to ask for my assistance in her schemes. I mustn’t help her with her evil deeds anymore.

Seeing the man standing still in the same place, Evelyn glanced back and snickered. “Why? Do you want me to tell Finnick about what you did that year? You betrayed him and caused his wife to leave him.”

“You promised you won’t bring up this matter!” Burning rage surged within Noah, and he growled out of frustration. How dare you threaten me with that incident? Despicable woman! You know why I did it.

“Really? I don’t remember promising you this.” Evelyn shrugged and smirked.

“Evelyn!” Noah was so enraged that he choked on his words.

“Hurry and find a place so we can talk. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that incident will stay a secret.” Evelyn folded her arms with a smug on her face.

That incident was Noah’s Achilles heel. Now that Evelyn had him trapped in her palm, he could only agree to her demands and took her to an empty and slightly isolated meeting room.

“Speak. Why are you looking for me?” Noah asked impatiently as he was annoyed.

Evelyn ignored his rude attitude, as all she cared about was to destroy Vivian completely.

“Vivian’s back. Do you know about this?” Evelyn gritted her teeth when she spoke of the woman she hated to death. Argh! Thinking about that b*tch just makes me angry.

“You know about it too?” Hearing Vivian’s name coming out of her mouth, Noah began panicking and turned to her.

Evelyn glanced at him from the side of her eyes and snorted, “There’s nothing wrong with that. If I don’t know, do you plan to hide this from me?”

Noah didn’t have the effort to argue with her. “What should we do now? Mr. Norton will find out about what you did in no time.”

“Can you not be so timid? What are you so afraid of?” Evelyn glanced at the man fidgeting and rolled her eyes.

Why did I include someone as timid as him in my plan?

Glaring at the man, she threatened, “Plus, what do you mean by what I did? Don’t forget you have a part in this, so don’t try to push everything onto me. Otherwise, I’ll reveal what you did if Finnick found out about the incident five years ago.”

Noah snapped, “Is it time to argue about this?” How preposterous! We’re in a crisis now, but she’s still thinking of threatening me.

Slamming the table, he continued, “If you have the time to argue with me, why not think of some solutions to get us out of this mess? We’ll be doomed once Mr. Norton finds out about it.”

“Why are you so fierce?” Evelyn was never one to back down. “I’m here to discuss this, not to fight with you.”

“Then what should we do?” Taking in a deep breath, Noah closed his eyes and suppressed the anger in his heart. What’s important now is to come up with a solution.

Seeing how Noah had taken a step back, Evelyn calmed down, and they went straight to the point.

She gestured the number one with her finger as she gazed at the man standing in front of her. “I’ve given it some thought. There’s one way to conceal it forever.”

“That is?” Noah was anxious.

Evelyn’s eyes gleamed with viciousness as she smirked. “Make sure Vivian will never get back together with Finnick. We’ll have to make it so that she doesn’t have the chance to talk to him. As long as Vivian doesn’t tell, that incident will remain a secret.”

It’ll be better if she just dies. Then I can live the rest of my life with no worries and be happy with Finnick. This was what Evelyn truly wanted, but she didn’t express her intent to kill Vivian directly.

Hearing her vicious tone, Noah felt flustered. How is she so relentless? How much more suffering does she want to inflict upon Mrs. Norton?

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