Never Late, Never Away Chapter 567

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

Silent ensued for a while before the phone started to vibrate again.

Are you done? Vivian grabbed her phone and roared, “Didn’t I tell you I don’t have time for this? Can’t you understand human language? I said no, and no means no!”

“What’s wrong? Why are you so angry? I haven’t even said anything.” A familiar woman’s voice sounded from the phone, and this shocked Vivian.

Never did she think the one that called wasn’t Hunter but her best friend Peggy instead.

“I’m sorry, Peggy. I’m really sorry.” Vivian apologized hurriedly and explained, “I didn’t know it was you. I thought it was… I’m sorry.”

“Alright. I know you, so don’t worry.” Peggy chuckled and teased, “Who is the idiot that made you so angry?”

Vivian grumbled, “An annoying person. Let’s not talk about him. Is there something you need from me?”

Peggy explained, “Do you remember the journalist club we joined during college? The members are organizing a gathering. Do you have time?”

“Ah. I see, but I…” Vivian was conflicted.

When she was in college, she got along well with the club members initially. However, everyone started talking behind her back when Ashley framed her for working at a nightclub. The matter got worse when they boycotted her, and she quitted the club as she couldn’t endure the judgmental looks from the club members.

It was until now she still remembered the scoffs and mockery she suffered from her fellow schoolmates. The pain was carved into her heart.

With those painful memories in her mind, Vivian smiled bitterly. “Peggy, you know I don’t get along with them. I don’t feel like meeting them, so I’ll pass.”

Peggy tried to convince her into joining the gathering. “Oh, it’s okay. They found out about the truth and wanted to apologize to you. Come. Just do it for my sake. We haven’t seen each other for such a long time! Don’t you miss me?”

Being her friend for so many years, Vivian couldn’t reject her after hearing her whine. “Alright. I’ll go, but you must stay by my side. Otherwise, it’ll be awkward.”

Peggy’s delighted voice sounded from the phone. “No problem! I promise I’ll never leave your side.”

The image of Peggy’s cheeky expression surfaced in Vivian’s mind, and this made her smile.

After confirming the time and venue of the gathering, the women chatted away. Their conversation was endless as they had many topics to talk about, from Vivian’s experience of her life overseas to having children, to exchanging experiences between mothers. It went on for over two hours before they hung up reluctantly.

On the next day, Vivian arrived at the venue on time. The gathering was held at the Wonderlake Hotel located beside her college.

She called Peggy when she reached the hotel lobby. Soon, a woman in a red dress came downstairs.

When she saw Vivian, she was stunned for a while before giving Vivian a bear hug. “Vivian, I miss you so much!”

Vivian teared up and hugged her back tightly.

With tears in her eyes, Peggy let go of Vivian and smiled. “They said the food in A Nation is unhealthy, but you look so beautiful that I almost couldn’t recognize you. Did you lie to me? Did you go to Koandria instead?”

Pfft! Vivian couldn’t help but burst into laughter from Peggy’s words. Wiping her tears, she urged, “Alright. Let’s go upstairs now. Everyone’s waiting for us.”

“Sure.” Peggy nodded and dragged her to a private room upstairs.

Once Vivian stepped into the room, all eyes were on her.

Everyone was staring at her in awe and disbelief. Who is this beauty exuding a glamorous and noble aura? She was nothing more than a woman with delicate figures in the past!

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