Never Late, Never Away Chapter 568

“What’s wrong? Have you all turn mute after seeing beautiful women?” Seeing the shock in everyone’s eyes, pride swelled in Peggy’s heart.

However, she knew Vivian was uncomfortable with the stares, so she hurriedly cooked up a joke to divert their attention.

When they heard Peggy’s words, they came back to their senses and greeted Vivian happily.

“Vivian, you’ve become such a beauty after these years.”

“That’s right. You got me shocked just now. I almost couldn’t recognize you. It seems like puberty did you well.”

“Vivian, I heard you are the heiress of the Morrison Group. What splendid news! Please give us support in the future.”

“Of course. Vivian always remembers her friends.”

Vivian had become more tactful over the years, so she could interact with them just well. At the same time, everyone’s impression of her changed.

However, some women disliked her. They hid in a corner and gave her scornful looks. “She’s just lucky. How dare she act all high and mighty!”

Someone chimed in softly, “Yeah. It’s so obvious that she’s trying to look good in front of us. Everyone knows what she did in the past.”

Although there were some hostile comments toward Vivian, the atmosphere in the private room was lively while Vivian behaved modestly.

However, she faltered when a man showed up.

“Oh? Fabian! I never expect you to come. Long time no see!”

Raising her head, Vivian saw a familiar yet strange face and was stunned.

Ever since she returned from overseas, this was the first time she met Fabian, and her emotions were in a complete mess.

The man’s features never changed, but he seemed much more mature as compared to the man he was five years ago. Wearing a navy suit, his upright figure looked even slender while he gave off an imposing aura, overwhelming others with his presence.

When Vivian saw Fabian, their memories of the past overwhelmed her.

She saw Fabian and herself from five years ago smiling happily at her. It was as if they were in the simplest and most beautiful relationship.

Then she thought of Fabian’s dilemma. However, everything ended along with Ashley’s death.

Is this the magic of time? It kept our identities unchanged but changes us from within. At least that’s the case for us.

Now that she thought about the past, she could face it with a smile.

The moment Fabian stepped into the room, he caught sight of Vivian. Awe flashed across his eyes and was soon replaced by his longing for the woman.

He couldn’t even keep track of the times he dreamt of her. When he woke up from his dreams, her figure was still imprinted in his mind, be it during their school days or when they started working.

Realization soon dawned on him. She’s not by my side and she doesn’t belong to me anymore.

He didn’t dare to ask for more than just seeing her.

It had been five years. After such a long time, she finally stood in front of him. It was no longer just illusions and this time, she wouldn’t fade away.

Fabian wanted to go to Vivian so badly that his heart pounded furiously against his chest, as if it was excited to see its owner reunite with her.

To his dismay, other schoolmates surrounded him and blocked his view. Due to etiquette, he could only exchange customary pleasantries with them to avoid being rude while he himself didn’t know what he was saying.

It was as if his body and soul were separated. He appeared talking to his schoolmates, but his soul had flown to Vivian’s front, looking at the woman he had longed for.

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