Never Late, Never Away Chapter 569

He was aching to go over and ask her how she’d been these past few years and whether she was doing well.

After finishing up the business he had here, Fabian quickly walked over to give his heart what it wanted.

Vivian felt a little panicked at the sight of Fabian approaching. After all, she hadn’t prepared herself to meet him. Her eyes betrayed her uneasiness, but she chose to stand still.

It was going to happen sooner or later anyway.

Vivian was no longer the same weak girl from before. She was going to learn how to face her hardships.

“Long time no see,” Fabian said softly as he looked into Vivian’s eyes. His voice was pressed low as if he were terrified that speaking any louder might scare her off.

His heart had been racing at a mile a minute before, but it miraculously calmed down in front of her. He said those four words with ease as if they had only seen each other yesterday.

“Long time no see,” Vivian echoed with a faint smile. “How have you been?”

“What about you?” Fabian deflected, his eyes betraying his concern.

“I’m doing well. There’s a roof over my head and food on my plate, so I’m practically on cloud 9.” The atmosphere between them seemed to be relaxed, so Vivian felt comfortable enough to make a joke.

“Is that so?” Fabian forced a bitter smile. He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to feel happy or sad about that. “That’s good.”

He decided to keep his own thoughts to himself. After all, there was no need to guilt trip her about his own issues.

“Thanks,” Vivian murmured with a nod. The conversation faded off since she didn’t know how to continue. Fabian wasn’t like those other classmates. She couldn’t exactly make small talk with him like she could with the others.

Fabian didn’t seem to be trying to continue the conversation either, so the two of them fell into silence. Luckily, once Fabian came to his senses, he finally broke the awkward silence.

“Should we go outside?” Fabian suggested. “It’s pretty noisy in here. I wanna go take a look around the school since it’s been awhile. I wonder if they made any changes.”

“I-” Vivian hesitated. After all, she and Fabian used to date. Going out alone with him was probably not a good idea. There were so many people here that rumors might start flying around.

“Aren’t we still friends?” Fabian said casually, managing to get rid of Vivian’s worries.

“Alright. Give me a second, I’ll let Peggy know.”

Vivian walked toward Peggy, who suddenly picked up Vivian’s hand in concern and shook her head subtly.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll be back soon,” Vivian consoled Peggy, patting her hand softly.

Vivian was so adamant that Peggy could only let her go.

She wasn’t exactly worried about Vivian’s safety. She knew Fabian wasn’t that kind of guy. However, everyone at the gathering knew about her and Fabian’s previous relationship. Who knew what they would start talking about if they saw the two of them going off alone.

As expected, after the two of them left, the surroundings started filling up with chatter.

“Isn’t Vivian married? Why’s she still heading off with her ex-boyfriend all alone? Could she be thinking of having an affair?”

“That’s old news. She got a divorce five years ago. Rather than having an affair, I think she’s relighting an old flame.”

“Fabian is still a bachelor right? Why would he be going after a once-married woman?”

“Enough! They’re just going out as friends. What’s with all the judgment? Also, is there a problem with being divorced or something? It’s not a crime!” Peggy finally said loudly, unable to bear the gossip everyone was spreading.

The gossips who had been clamoring around immediately shut up with reddening faces. They shot a glare at Peggy, but a sharp glare from her put them in their places.

Outside, Vivian and Fabian had reached the school field. The two of them felt a little nostalgic at the sight of their old hangout.

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