Never Late, Never Away Chapter 57

“Yes, I’m wondering if you were serious about telling me if you need anything in the future.” Finnick noticed her avoiding his gaze and looked slightly unhappy. Using his index finger, he lifted her chin and forced her to make eye contact. “Vivian, I hope you treat me like I am really your husband.”

Treat you like a husband?

Vivian stared into his dark eyes and was rather lost.

“Alright.” She lowered her gaze quickly after. “I promise to tell you if I need anything next time. I swear.”

Then, the corner of his lips upturned as he nodded. “Good girl.”

He let go of her chin, turned around, and left.

When he reached the door, Vivian called out to him. “Finnick!”

He turned slightly and saw her flushed face. With a slightly awkward tone, she said, “Thank you.”

It was a simple ‘thank you’, but for some reason, Finnick’s smile got wider. “No problem.”

Vivian stayed the entire night to accompany her mother. It was fortunate that Finnick transferred her to a private ward as the hospital provided a small bed for visitors. At least she could get a good night’s sleep in there.

The next morning, Vivian was awoken by a series of coughs.

She opened her eyes gradually and saw that her mother was awake.

“Mom!” Vivian immediately rushed up to the bed. “How are you feeling? Do you feel sick? Should I get the doctor?”

“I’m alright.” Rachel William still looked pale. Her eyes were fixated on her daughter and they lit up with happiness. With trembling hands, she stroked her daughter’s hair in an affectionate manner. “Vivian… Oh, my dear Vivian… Let me take a good look at you. It’s been s-such a long time…”

Tears rolled down Vivian’s cheeks. She gulped and nodded. “It’s been two years… Mom… You’ve been in a coma for two years…”

On that fateful night two years ago, she was robbed of a woman’s most treasured possession. It was truly a nightmare for her. Not only that, but the two people she loved the most also abandoned her.

One was the love of her life, Fabian, who went missing suddenly.

The other was her only kin, her mother Rachel, who became ill and fell into a coma.

Rachel coughed a few times. Holding onto Vivian’s hands, she said, “I’m so sorry, Vivian. It’s all my fault. It’s all because I’ve been weak all this while. I haven’t been able to take care of you for these two years. I even gave you so much trouble. You–”

Rachel suddenly stopped because she spotted the diamond ring on Vivian’s finger.

“Vivian.” She became a little excited. “A-Are you married?”

Vivian was stunned momentarily. She quickly smiled and replied, “Yes, Mom. I’m married now.”

Vivian knew that her mom did not have the perfect marriage and had always hoped that she would marry a good man. Hence, she did not want to keep this from her.

“Good… Very good…” Rachel teared up in joy. “Is it Fabian? Did you guys marry after you graduated?”

Vivian’s body trembled upon hearing this.

Sigh, Mom has been in a coma for two years. She has no idea what happened two years ago.

She managed a smile. “It’s not Fabian. We broke up.”

Rachel was taken aback after she heard this. She hurriedly added, “Vivian, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know about this… Don’t worry, it’s all over now. I’m sure you are happily married.”

Vivian nodded with the same smile plastered on her face, and she tried hard to cover up the bitterness in her eyes.

Her mother examined the diamond ring on her finger and gave a wider smile. “He seems like a good, honest man.”

Vivian’s eyes flashed slightly upon hearing this.

She knew that her mother never hoped for her to marry a rich or powerful person. On the contrary, she always wanted her to marry an ordinary man. Hence, she was happy to see such a simple diamond ring.

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