Never Late, Never Away Chapter 572

Vivian was surprised by what Fabian said. “What do you mean?”

Mark was Fabian’s father after all. Could it be he knew something I don’t?

“I’m not exactly sure, but I do know that Finnick isn’t someone who would do that,” Fabian said seriously. “Besides, think about it. Evelyn purposely took that video at the café to frame you. Could it be that Evelyn is secretly pulling some tricks so you and Finnick would misunderstand each other?”

He wasn’t exactly willing to speak up for Finnick, but since he had completely given up on getting together with Vivian again, he’d prefer for her to be happy rather than hold a grudge forever.

Vivian lowered her head as she thought about what Fabian said. Could it be that everything truly is Evelyn’s doing and that it has nothing to do with Finnick after all?

“Vivian, have you talked to Finnick about this after coming back? There might really be a misunderstanding going on here,” Fabian asked.

Vivian started doubting the situation even more after Fabian’s speculations.

After returning to the country, she couldn’t remember properly having a conversation with Finnick about what happened that year. Every time he tried to talk about it with her, she couldn’t hold her anger back and they never ended on good terms. She had never properly listened to what he had to say.

Could it really be because of Evelyn? Now that she thought about it, she had been assuming that everything was Finnick’s fault all along. She had never properly asked him about it.

But Noah had been the one who dragged her to get the abortion. If Finnick wasn’t behind it, then why would Noah do something like that? Noah was Finnick’s right-hand man after all. She could imagine anyone but Noah betraying Finnick.

She felt more confused than ever. Vivian was starting to get a headache. What exactly happened that year? It seemed like she would really have to talk things out with Finnick after all. If it was really nothing more than just a huge misunderstanding, she couldn’t bear to imagine what she had missed out on all these years.

“I got it. I’ll find time to talk to him. Thank you, Fabian,” Vivian thanked Fabian sincerely. She could tell that Fabian was different from Mark. He actually cared for Vivian’s wellbeing and was genuinely looking out for her.

“There’s no need to thank me,” Fabian said with a smile. Suddenly, his smile disappeared and was replaced by a solemn look. “Vivian, there’s something that I think I should let you know.”

“What is it?” Vivian asked in surprise. Is there something I actually don’t know about?

Fabian thought it over and weighed the pros and cons of telling her. It had to do with his own father after all, but Vivian had all the right to know.

He gritted his teeth before saying, “Five years ago, just before you left the country, I caught my dad on a call with someone. It seemed suspicious and he brought up your name too. I wasn’t paying attention, so I didn’t think of telling you. Now that I thought about it, it does match up with the time that your situation took place. Could my father be in cahoots with Evelyn and tried to destroy your relationship with Finnick?”

He wasn’t willing to think of his father that way. Mark was his father, but that was also the reason why Fabian knew him better than anyone.

Mark was completely capable of doing something like that. He had worked together with Ashley to hurt Vivian before, so it wasn’t impossible for him to work together with Evelyn this time.

Vivian’s expression darkened at Fabian’s speculations and she stayed silent.

She didn’t doubt him of course. Since Mark could work with Evelyn to kidnap her, it was highly likely that he was willing to do other things to hurt her. She just couldn’t understand why they wanted to hurt her so badly. She had never even done anything wrong to them.

“Vivian, if this really has something to do with my father, I’d like to apologize on his behalf. I’m sorry for what he did,” Fabian said, extremely embarrassed.

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