Never Late, Never Away Chapter 573

Vivian cut him off before he could finish. “Fabian, you don’t have to apologize. It’s not your fault. Your dad and you are two separate entities. Our friendship has nothing to do with all that. Also, I want to thank you for telling me all this.”

Vivian looked at him in gratitude. Fabian must genuinely care about her for him to willingly spill all this dirt about his own father.

“Fabian, if I remember correctly, you’ve never been on the best terms with Finnick. Why are you suddenly helping him?” Vivian asked curiously.

“I’m not helping him, I’m trying to help you,” Fabian said sincerely. “I just want you to be happy.”

That was enough to touch Vivian’s heart. She knew there was no way anything would happen between her and Fabian again, but she was glad she hadn’t given her heart to the wrong person all those years ago.

At least her first love had been someone decent.

The two of them sat in silence that was no longer awkward. Vivian could almost sense the warmth that encompassed them.

Being able to go back to being friends with someone you once loved and hated is probably for the best.

What happened to her and Finnick was probably the worst-case scenario: once lovers, now enemies.

The sky had begun to darken for a while now and the two of them decided to return to the hotel so they could join dinner with everyone else.

Vivian didn’t expect to see an extremely familiar car parked in front of the hotel entrance when they returned.

At the sight of that dreadfully familiar car, Vivian felt as if all the blood in her body had turned to ice. She stopped in her tracks.

That was Finnick’s car.

What a coincidence, Vivian couldn’t help but marvel inwardly. I can’t believe we’re bumping into each other even at my classmates’ gathering. What sort of twisted fate is this?

Vivian was planning on just walking off and pretending like she hadn’t seen anything, but she remembered what Fabian said. What if we really did misunderstand each other?

There’s no time like the present. She decided to confront Finnick today and ask him once and for all if he was the one who made Noah take her to the hospital for the abortion.

No matter what the answer was, she was willing to hear it personally from Finnick himself. Besides, she was already completely prepared for whatever he might say.

She stayed where she was. She knew that if the car had just reached, then Finnick would still be inside. He would be able to see her the moment he got off the car.

What’s the truth? Did I actually misunderstand him? She would know the answer soon enough.

Vivian suddenly felt slightly nervous.

Fabian also recognized Finnick’s car and stopped walking when he saw Vivian stopped in her tracks.

The door opened and Finnick saw Vivian standing right in front of him. A smile immediately appeared but froze halfway once he saw the person who was standing next to Vivian.


Why is she with Fabian? What are they doing in front of a hotel?

When Finnick saw how Vivian was standing still rather than turning to leave like she had before, he felt even angrier.

If Vivian was the only person in front of him, he would have been overjoyed. But now that he saw Fabian with her, he started wondering what her true intentions were.

Is Vivian trying to show me that she’s still getting the attention she deserves? First Hunter, now Fabian. Who’s next? How many men is she involved with?

If it was before, Finnick would immediately trust Vivian. But after having gone through so many years without seeing her, his possessiveness seemed to take a turn for the worse.

He couldn’t control his rage and started walking toward Vivian. She’s mine. I won’t let any other man stand close to her!

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