Never Late, Never Away Chapter 576

Vivian forced herself to put on a bright smile in order to convince Benedict after explaining casually to him a valid reason. She did not wish to see him being troubled and distracted by her problems again. He was tensed and emotionally exhausted after trying to get things resolved for her all this while.

“Don’t spend your time dwelling on the past. Try to let go of everything,” Benedict patted Vivian’s shoulder and motivated her. He did not sense that she was actually telling white lies. His grim face softened as his frustration was gradually replaced by a sense of sympathy.

Vivian squeezed a smile as she nodded and asked curiously, “Ben, are you looking for me? Anything up?”

“It’s a piece of great news regarding your job application. I’ve just received a call from the person in charge of your former magazine company. They requested you to report to work tomorrow.”

“Really?” Vivian asked in disbelief. Her face lit up as her lips lifted into a cheerful smile.

She never let go of any chance to be back to her favorite journalism throughout these years. When she was overseas, she grabbed the opportunity to further her studies in the relevant field. After graduation, she even had her internship in a reputable press agency which appeared to be quite popular in A Nation.

Earlier on, she told Benedict that she was not keen on working in Morrison Group. She was actually looking forward to being back at her former magazine company if there was any chance.

To her surprise, Benedict was very supportive of her decision. According to him, the operation of Morrison Group was running smoothly all this while under his supervision, so it did not matter if she was unable to join the group. Apart from that, he hoped that she could continue to have career advancement in the field she had passion in. He even offered to help her submit her resume to her former magazine company.

“Of course! I’ve told you previously that you possess high qualifications and are experienced in this field. It would be a great loss for them if they don’t hire you.” Benedict sounded really proud of her. “This round, instead of being a normal employee there, you’ll be holding the post of Chief Editor.”

Vivian was dumbfounded and started to stammer, “C-chief Editor! Ben, h-how did it happen? How can I be assigned to hold the post of Chief Editor?” She totally had no clue about the current circumstance.

“Yeah, I submitted your resume for the position of Chief Editor. Based on your qualifications and capabilities, you are actually qualified to hold a higher position than this!” Benedict had put the effort into planning this great surprise for Vivian. He was delighted that her beloved sister was able to continue pursuing her dream again in her favorite field.

“Ben, thank you so much!” Vivian was overjoyed and embraced Benedict gratefully. However, a question flashed across her mind at the same time. “Ben, if I’m not mistaken, Fabian is the Chief Editor for that magazine company, right? Why did they have recruitment for Chief Editor again?”

“When I submitted your resume, I happened to know that the Chief Editor of this magazine company had resigned. Therefore, I gave it a try and help you apply for this post. You must be confident in yourself. You manage to grab this post due to your own qualifications, and I did not pull strings for you at all. Moreover, the person in charge of the magazine company knew that you’re their former employee, and your previous work performance was quite satisfying. That’s why they asked you to report to work directly without an interview session,” Benedict explained to her with a loving look on his face.

In his eyes, his sister was definitely the best!

Even though Vivian could not help wondering why Fabian had resigned out of a sudden, her heart leaped with joy at the thought of being able to work in the magazine company again. Thinking of Jenny, Sarah, and the other former colleagues in the magazine company, she could barely wait to report to work the next day.

She decided to have an impressive debut as their Chief Editor the next day. In the afternoon, she headed for the mall excitedly, dragging Benedict along as well.

After selecting a few sets of formal wears, Vivian tried them on one by one and requested Benedict to give his opinion. Benedict was nodding admiringly all the time as he gazed at Vivian with his smiling eyes.

For having stayed under the same roof with Vivian for almost five years, this was the first time she dragged him out excitedly to shop for clothes. She was apparently on cloud nine ever since she knew that she was able to be back to the magazine company again. It seemed he had made a wise decision by supporting her to do so. No matter what, her happiness was the top priority.

After choosing the clothes for herself, Vivian was still in high spirits. She selected a few shirts for Benedict as well and urged him to try them on. Benedict was being cooperative and put on the shirts chosen by Vivian one by one, so as not to disappoint her.

Mesmerized by Benedict’s stunning look, Vivian felt as if she was watching a fashion show.

How can my brother look exceptionally charming even when he is only wearing such an ordinary white shirt? He is undoubtedly looking more striking than any other male model! Even the sales assistant beside them was already having flushed cheeks as Benedict’s charm overwhelmed her.

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