Never Late, Never Away Chapter 577

Vivian’s mind sank into contemplation. She really wondered why such a charming man like his brother was still single. She could not help wondering what type of woman would manage to catch Benedict’s eye. Throughout these few years, she had never seen him in a relationship with any woman. Hence, she decided to look for an ideal woman who could match her gorgeous brother.

Since the white shirt perfectly matched Benedict’s elegant vibes, Vivian decided to buy it as well. Needless to say, Benedict was the one to foot the bill for all the clothes chosen by Vivian. He insisted to do so as a token of congratulation to Vivian as she embarked on a new journey as a Chief Editor.

The following morning, Vivian was looking smart in an eye-catching black and white ladies’ suit, giving off the vibe of feminine demureness at the same time.

While she was heading for the magazine company cheerfully, the whole company was in rowdiness as a result of the announcement that their new Chief Editor would report to work on that day.

All of them huddled around and were gossiping inquisitively about their new Chief Editor who would report to work soon.

“I heard that our new Chief Editor is an attractive lady, but I’m not sure about her temperament. Hopefully, she’s not hot-tempered,” one of the male staff commented tactfully.

“I heard that she’s just back from A Nation, and she was from one of the most popular press agencies there! She’s apparently no ordinary person!”

“Yeah, I bet she must be from a prominent family. That explains why she’s able to hold the post of Chief Editor upon joining our company!”

“Anyway, she could be making up the story on her exposure overseas and is exaggerating on her own capabilities. Don’t judge a book by its cover. We’re still not sure if she’s really qualified for the position.” Shannon hinted in a sour tone.

When Fabian resigned previously, she thought that she would have the opportunity to be promoted. Hence, she had applied for the post of Chief Editor as well. In her opinion, the post was undoubtedly something in her hands. She was waiting eagerly for the moment when the company announced her as the new Chief Editor. It never crossed her mind that another person would emerge and seize the post from her.

Nobody dared to comment further on her words, fearing that the new Chief Editor was a hot-tempered woman and that she would be infuriated upon knowing how Shannon judged her. They were trying their best to zip their mouths so they would not offend their new Chief Editor.

Shannon scoffed silently in her heart as none of them dared to express their opinions.

“It doesn’t matter who will become our Chief Editor, as long as we are diligent with our work.” Sarah did not join the others gossiping about the new Chief Editor as it made no difference to her.

“I actually see it differently. It’s important to have a leader who has a fair judgment. No doubt we have to try our best to carry out our work conscientiously. Yet our future depends a lot on our leader’s temperament as well, isn’t it? We’ll surely have a better career advancement under the leadership of a considerate Chief Editor!” Jenny who was sitting next to Sarah commented fairly.

“You have got a point.” Sarah nodded and added again, “I really hope that the new Chief Editor is a nice lady who is both fair and considerate.”

Standing outside the magazine company, Vivian was feeling unusually anxious.

The whole city looked different due to the tremendous development within the past five years. To her surprise, there was no significant change to the building of the magazine company. Vivian’s heart skipped a beat as she felt a sense of familiarity at the sight of the building.

Letting out a deep breath, she strode into the magazine company. At the same time, she was wondering if all her former colleagues were still working there. I wonder how is everyone now!

“V-Vivian!” Sarah stuttered and stood up instinctively the moment she saw Vivian’s figure outside the main entrance of the magazine company. There was visible joy on her face.

“Vivian, is that you?” Sarah dashed toward Vivian but hesitated whether it was appropriate for her to embrace Vivian. Is she really Vivian? She looks really stunning now!

“It’s me!” Vivian replied with a smile. Next, she wrapped her arms around Sarah excitedly. “Sarah, I’m back. How are you all this while?”

“Vivian, it’s really you! Why did you leave without a word at that time? I really miss you so much these few years!”

Sarah finally could not hold back her emotions any longer and burst into tears. Vivian was stunned and tried to coax her at once.

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