Never Late, Never Away Chapter 578

At the sight of Vivian and Sarah who were hugging each other, all the senior employees of the magazine company who were colleagues with Vivian before were overwhelmed.

Those who were still new and had not seen Vivian before were watching quizzically.

“Vivian, are you our new Chief Editor?” one of the senior employees finally recollected himself and asked Vivian.

Upon hearing his questions, everyone was in silence as they were waiting for Vivian’s reply. Is it possible? A junior employee years ago has become their superior now?

“Yeah.” Vivian smiled and nodded. “I look forward to working together with all of you again.”

Everyone exchanged looks, apparently still in a daze.

Their eyes widened in disbelief. It’s really unbelievable that a former junior employee turns into a Chief Editor in just five years!

She was definitely at a different level now! It was as if she was going from rags to riches!

In a split second, everyone was reacting differently to her words. Those who had worked together with Vivian before tried to recall if they had ever offended her. They wished that she would be generous enough to let go of the past grudges.

Vivian would never dream about what they were thinking right then. Considering that some of the employees had never seen her before, she gave a brief self-introduction.

Apart from the common self introductory phrases, she emphasized her name with her current family name.

She was Vivian Morrison at the moment, no more carrying the family name of the Williams. Therefore, she really hoped that everyone could bear that in mind.

It was natural for the staff of the magazine company to be observant of the changes in her family name. Instantaneously, they recalled how the whole Sunshine City was in an uproar previously by the news on Vivian’s true identity as the young heiress of Morrison Group.

In a blink of an eye, everyone was gazing at Vivian with indescribable complex emotions. There was even a sense of respect in their eyes. From that moment onward, they were not standing on the same ground anymore. Vivian was definitely at a higher ranking than them in terms of social status.

Shannon’s heart was filled with hatred and jealousy, yet she did not dare to express her feelings at the moment. Putting on a pretentious smile, she approached Vivian and said, “Vivian, welcome back. You looked prettier.”

Sensing that Shannon was not being sincere, Vivian still shook hands with her and replied, “Thank you. I really hope that we’ll get along well later.”

All the senior employees were shocked to see both of them shook hands with each other. At that very moment, they realized that Vivian was obviously not her old self anymore. She would never be bothered to be pretentious and socialize with anyone she disliked previously.

They were not sure if the change was a good or a bad thing. Almost all of them were overcome by a sense of uneasiness and uncertainty.

Vivian was apparently adapting to everything well after one week later; her work started to get on track. She came up with a plan to work on a series of exclusive interviews for the public figures, hoping to boost the sales of the magazine company with this method.

It was a brilliant idea theoretically, yet certain levels of difficulty could not be avoided when it came to implementation. If they were to invite artistes for their exclusive interviews, the costs would surely be over the budget allocated by the magazine company. Nonetheless, the sales rate of their magazines would definitely not be satisfactory if the invited interviewees were not among those who had gained a certain level of popularity.

After having a meeting with her subordinates, Vivian decided to shortlist the interviewees among the reputable personnel from the corporate world of Sunshine City.

Using “business elite” as headlines would surely capture people’s attention. What’s more, the selected candidates happened to be the business elites who were well-known in Sunshine City. The exclusive interviews for them would surely trigger the readers’ interest and curiosity.

Furthermore, it was indeed a win-win situation for both the interviewer and interviewee. In order to boost the popularity and reputation of their corporate, the business elite would surely be more than willing to be interviewed. In other words, it should be less challenging to interview them as compared to celebrities.

“Since we have set the field, let’s have a brainstorming session on the potential interviewees so the candidates can be finalized,” Vivian announced.

Upon hearing her words, everyone started to ponder about the ideal person to be interviewed.

A young girl who had just joined the magazine company raised her hand and suggested eagerly, “Ms. Morrison, someone came into my mind!”

Vivian smiled and encouraged her, “Who’s that?”

“I suggest that we can interview Mark Norton. I’m sure everyone knows that he is in the midst of developing a piece of land. If I’m not mistaken, he intends to build the largest hotel in Sunshine City. The news about his plan has gone viral on social media and is widely discussed. Hence, I feel that he’s an ideal candidate who meets our requirements for the interviewee,” the young girl elaborated excitedly.

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