Never Late, Never Away Chapter 58

What would Mom think if she knew that I married Fabian’s uncle and the son of the Norton family?

Forget it. I shouldn’t think about it for now.

Vivian was about to head out to get lunch for her mother when suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

She was a little stunned by this.

Mom doesn’t know a lot of people in Sunshine City. Who could it be?

She opened the door to see Finnick and Noah standing outside. The former was still in a wheelchair, while the latter had a fruit basket and lunchbox in his hands.

“Finnick?” Vivian asked in a dumbfounded manner.

“Vivian, who is it?” Rachel asked.

With a slightly lost expression, she turned to look at her mother. She did not know how to respond to her question.

On the other hand, Finnick raised his brow upon hearing the voice inside. He initiated the conversation and said, “Hello Mrs. William, I’m here to visit you.”

For the umpteenth time, Vivian’s face blushed bright red. She opened the door and let the two men in.

Slowly, Finnick pushed himself to the front of the bed. When he noticed Rachel’s shocked look, he gave her a smile and introduced himself. “Mrs. William, I am Finnick Norton. I should have visited you earlier, but Vivian always said that you were unwell.”

Rachel looked at Finnick, and then at Vivian whose face was blushed. She instantly understood. “Ah, so you must be Vivian’s husband. Well, you are quite different from what I imagined you to be…”

The man just smiled faintly and signaled to Noah to place the lunchbox and fruits on the desk. “Mrs. William, have you eaten lunch? I prepared some home-cooked dishes.”

Vivian hurriedly walked over and opened the lunchbox. Indeed, the dishes were all prepared by Molly and were healthy and nutritious. She began to feed her mother carefully.

After being in a coma for two years, Rachel did not have a big appetite. She only had a few mouthfuls before feeling full. However, her curiosity had no limits. She observed Finnick for a moment before asking, “Finnick, right? What do you work as, may I ask?”

“Mom!” Vivian shot her mother a look as though she was chiding her.

“My dear girl, I am just concerned about you. After all, marriage is a major milestone in your life, and you got married before I woke up,” Rachel lamented softly.

“It’s alright, Vivian.” In contrast to her awkwardness, Finnick presented himself as a calm, confident man. “Mrs. William, this is my name card.”

Rachel took the name card and saw the words ‘Chief Executive Officer’ and ‘Shareholder’. Immediately, she froze.

“Finnor Company… I’ve not heard of this company before.” She continued hesitantly, “What about your parents? What do they do?”

By now, Vivian was panicking at the side. She desperately wanted to stop her mother, but Finnick already began to reply, “My parents are no longer around. My grandfather is Samuel Norton.”

“Samuel Norton? You mean the head of the Norton family?” Rachel asked. She looked extremely startled.

Finnor Group was a new company that was set up in recent years, which was why she never heard of it before. But everybody in Sunshine City knew who Samuel Norton was.

“Yes, indeed.” It was apparent that he did not intend to keep this from her.

“So… You are… The son… of the Norton family?” Rachel stuttered as she tried her best to recall.

He nodded.

The color drained very quickly from Rachel’s face as she turned speechless.

“Finnick?” Vivian obviously knew what her mother was thinking. She turned to her husband and said, “Finnick, I want to go home and take a shower. Can you drive me home? Wait for me in the car.”

He nodded and said to Rachel, “Mrs. William, I will come again tomorrow. Please have a good rest.”

Rachel nodded, still dumbfounded, as she watched Finnick leave the room.

The moment he stepped out, she immediately looked back at her daughter. With a weak yet assertive voice, she said, “Vivian, you can’t be together with him. Get a divorce as soon as possible!”

Vivian retreated slightly when she heard her mother. With a look of disbelief, she stared at her and asked, “Mom, what are you even talking about?”

“I said you can’t be together with him.” She held onto her daughter’s hands and begged, “Look at where I am today. Haven’t you learned what’s going to happen to you if you marry a rich man? How do you know if he is truly in love with you? He might just be another version of your father and toy with your feelings!”

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