Never Late, Never Away Chapter 581

“Vivian!” At the appointed restaurant, Hunter spotted Vivian at a glance, who was seated by the window. He hurried over in excitement and sat across from her.

“It’s so rare that you ask me out for lunch. You miss me after so long, don’t you. I’m not such a bad guy, am I?” Hunter joked, but Vivian was not in the mood.

“Hunter, the reason why I called you here today was to ask for your help.” She decided not to beat around the bush.

“Okay, I’ll do it,” Hunter said with a smile.

Vivian furrowed her brows. “Hunter, I’m not joking with you. I really need your help on something.”

“I’m not joking either,” Hunter grinned. “I’m willing to help you out no matter what you ask.”

Vivian was taken aback. She wasn’t sure if he meant it or he was flirting with her. After a moment’s pause, she said, “Is this how you flirt with girls?”

Hunter’s smile froze. Does she really think that little of me?

Yes, he flirted with girls often, but he never made promises like that. He had no way of knowing that he would do anything unconditionally for a woman. Plus, the women he’d met were all big talkers.

Vivian was different, he knew. She was different from the rest.

This feeling was hard to describe. He just knew that he was willing to go above and beyond for her, but she didn’t believe him. Is this really karma? Hunter recalled the way she jeered at him in the past.

He pulled himself out of his reverie with a bitter laugh. “Vivian, I meant what I said. I’ve never made empty promises just to get a girl. I am willing to help you with anything you need.”

His seriousness startled Vivian. What did he mean by that?

Hunter was dimly aware that he might have frightened Vivian when she did not reply. He reminded himself to slow down. If he scared her off, what good will that do?

“Vivian, what I meant was that we are friends, aren’t we? You promised me that the last time, remember?” Hunter had no choice but to leverage this again. “Since we are friends, shouldn’t we help each other?”

Vivian sighed with relief at Hunter’s words. So that’s what he meant. Her heart raced for a moment as she thought he was leading to a romantic proposition.

Hunter felt terrible when Vivian looked visibly relieved, but he couldn’t show it. “So you’ll tell me? What do you need help for?”

“I need to tell you something first,” Vivian studied Hunter dubiously. “If you would help me, there’s a chance that it would offend Mark Norton. Would you still be willing to?”

“I would.” Hunter nodded seriously, suddenly worried. It’s probably not going to be a small favor. ”What is it?”

Vivian’s heart was flooded with gratitude when she saw that Hunter agreed to it without hesitation. She also felt guilty to have doubted her decision to trust him.

She took out her phone and showed Hunter the information that Sarah had sent her. “I need your help to look for evidence pertaining to this.”

“Okay,” Hunter replied without looking up. He studied the information he was shown in silence.

Vivian was prepared for the fact that Hunter might attempt to decline but was surprised to find that he did not put up a shred of resistance. Vivian felt worse. Her trust for Hunter deepened.

It’s been ten days since Hunter’s promise to Vivian, but he had not been in touch. Vivian felt that it was appropriate to call and rush for her favor to be done. She stewed in her own panic in the meantime.

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