Never Late, Never Away Chapter 585

Evelyn shot a dissatisfied gaze at Hunter and turned to Vivian. “Vivian, what were you guys talking about? Let me know if Hunter tries to take advantage of you. I will teach him a lesson he won’t forget.”

She reached out and tried to hold Vivian’s wrist, but the latter averted Evelyn’s gesture, so subtly that it appeared unintentional.

Vivian had not spoken since Evelyn’s arrival, not even to greet her. She was occupied by the incident with Mark and was in no mood for false social niceties with Evelyn.

“There wasn’t much going on, we’re just having tea together,” Vivian replied grudgingly. “I suddenly recall that I have some urgent matter to tend to. Enjoy your day, you guys.”

Vivian addressed both of them but directed her farewell towards Hunter. She grabbed her purse and promptly left.

Evelyn clenched her teeth as she watched Vivian’s departing silhouette. Who does she think she is to ignore me like that? Is this her way of throwing her tantrum? She must think of herself as some hotshot, doesn’t she?

An urgent matter? It’s awfully convenient to have an urgent matter just as I arrived. Does Vivian think I’m a fool for coming up with such a pathetic excuse?

Evelyn did not bother to conceal her anger anymore. “How did it go?” she snapped at Hunter. “Any progress with her yet? It’s been a long time!”

It was a rare opportunity that Hunter had: to be in Vivian’s company for such a long time. Evelyn’s interruption and rude interrogation angered Hunter to such a degree that he was tempted to overturn the table in her face.

But at the thought of his promise to Vivian, Hunter struggled to and succeeded in keeping his temper in check. Now that Vivian was busy in preparation to make a move against Mark, and he himself was lying to Evelyn, he had to be very careful to not let Evelyn’s interference sabotage Vivian’s chance of success.

“I’m getting along fine with her. These things take time,” Hunter reported vaguely.

“How good is ‘fine’? What stage are you at with her? Does that b*tch like you or not?” Evelyn fired questions unceasingly, as though she was venting her frustration with every forceful question.

“I’m telling you, seduce her as fast as you can. It’ll be better if you can take her out of Sunshine City. Take her to A Nation or J Nation, I don’t care. Take her far away and then dump her hard. I want that b*tch to suffer.”

“I can’t just barge my way into her romantic life,” Hunter replied as he tried to steady his hand from slapping her for how she was speaking. She is so vulgar. How did I end up being friends with her in the first place?

Evelyn noticed Hunter’s anger on his face and realized that she had behaved inappropriately. Hunter was doing her a favor after all. If he decided to abandon it, her whole plan would go up in flames.

Evelyn took a deep breath to steady herself and forced a smile. “Forgive me, I was being too impatient. Please don’t get mad. So how is your progress?”

“It should be soon. She’s primed to say yes,” Hunter replied irritably.

Hunter’s irritation somehow satisfied Evelyn. Of course he was irritated at Vivian, and not her!

Hmm, just as well too. She was afraid that Hunter would really fall for Vivian, and wouldn’t bear to hurt her when it was time for him to do so. It was best that he was irritated now. Let it build up and when the time is right, he would be able to do a spectacular job of dumping her.

“That’s good if it’s soon. You just need to keep at it for a little longer. When she’s head over heels for you, dump her. Then you’ll be free of seeing her b*tchy face day and night.” Evelyn’s attempt to comfort Hunter only incensed him further. How was it possible for someone to be this wicked!

Evelyn construed Hunter’s frown to be intolerance of still having to deal with Vivian for the foreseeable future. But, if it were her who had to look at that d*mn vixen all day, she would be driven mad too. Hunter really was going above and beyond for her to put himself through all that.

“Hunter, just bear with it a little while longer for me. I will thank you properly after it’s done,” Evelyn said and winked at him suggestively.

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