Never Late, Never Away Chapter 586

“What do you mean?” Hunter squinted at her, a cold fury flashed dangerously across his eyes for an instant. Evelyn misinterpreted his gaze and pressed on in the wrong direction.

She twirled a finger in her hair coyly while she touched Hunter’s cheek with her other hand. “I remember when we were at A Nation, you told me that you liked me, didn’t you?” she smiled.

This was another affirmation of Evelyn that there was no way that Hunter would genuinely like Vivian. He used to like her; his taste in women wouldn’t be as bad as to find Vivian attractive. Yes, admittedly she had become more beautiful. But that doesn’t change the fact that she was hideous in the past.

“So?” Hunter took another sip of his tea and egged Evelyn on.

“If you help me deal with Vivian, perhaps we could pick up where we left off,” Evelyn breathed. “What do you think? Not too bad of a thank you gift, isn’t it?”

As she said that, she allowed as much lust and suggestiveness to flash before her eyes to ensure that Hunter got the message.

She was brashly confident in her proposition. She recalled when they were in A Nation together, Hunter held a bouquet of roses and stood under her dormitory for three days in an effort to court her. All the other girls in the faculty threw jealous looks at her for days.

But at the end, she did not accept his proposal after all.

Hunter was a good suitor, but a notorious playboy. Besides, she had her heart on Finnick back then. Her relationship with Hunter eventually became platonic, but throughout the years there were traces of romantic tension between them.

But she firmly believed that being unattainable is the best way to cultivate desire in men. Evelyn was confident that Hunter still had feelings for her. She was the epitome of perfection; which man wouldn’t?

If Hunter didn’t have feelings for her, why did he agree to help her seduce Vivian without hesitation and exerted so much effort into this endeavor?

Now that she knew the extent to which Hunter would go for her, all she had to do was dangle some perks of being with her in front of him, and he will try all the harder to seduce and then dump Vivian!

Her charm was so powerful that Hunter was helpless in her grasp, succumbing to obey her every whim and fancy.

As he watched Evelyn’s confident monologue, Hunter couldn’t help feeling amused.

She really does think he likes her? Does she think that bringing up their history together will seduce him?

The reason why he tried so hard to court Evelyn in the past was that he was deceived by her looks. Yes, she was very beautiful. And austere to all the boys too; she remained indifferent to their attention. He took it as a challenge and tried to succeed where the other boys had failed.

This attitude wasn’t just towards Evelyn, but to other girls too. It got to the point where he would try his best to win them over even when he wasn’t actually interested in them. He lost interest as soon as he managed to; it was the thrill of the chase that was the most appealing for him.

He had played this game with himself for years, but only recently had he realized that he was a fool all along. To have wasted his time building meaningless temporary connections and believing that it gave him confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

If Evelyn had dropped hints as she did back then, it would have tempted him like a dog with a scent. But now all it did was just repulsed and irritated him.

Hunter was distinctly aware of the change within him. But what had caused it? As he pondered on this, Vivian’s face floated up in the sea of his subconscious.

Yes, ever since he met her, he didn’t feel interested in other girls anymore. The feeling that she gave him was different from what the other girls gave him.

Never had a girl caused him such anxiety and longing. He’d feel happy when she was happy, and feel pain in his heart when she was sad. He was willing to do anything in the world for her.

Yes, Evelyn was beautiful. So what? She was just pretty on the outside but rotten, wicked, and hateful on the inside. She made him sick to his stomach.

As for Vivian, every gesture she made, every frown or smile on her face was perfection in his eyes, without him even realizing it.

At the thought of that, Hunter smiled. I’ve fallen head-over-heels, he thought. But so what? He was ready and willing for a chance at real happiness.

Evelyn saw him smile and thought that it was for her. The sight pleased her even more. She purred, her voice exuding a charm that was smooth as silk.

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