Never Late, Never Away Chapter 587

“Oh Hunter, I regretted not saying yes to you back then. But maybe my mistake in the past provided an opportunity for us to reconnect under better circumstances. This is our fate, isn’t it?”

Fate? Hunter looked at her incredulously. To him, her action now was punishment for his advancement back then.

But Evelyn did not think that Hunter was ridiculing her. It seemed to her that the amusement in his eyes was the product of joy at the prospect of being with her.

“There will be a new film airing on the day after tomorrow. The trailer seems promising. Would you like to come with me?” Evelyn took the initiative and extended an invitation.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. I have matters to attend to on that day.” Hunter rejected at once. He got up and excused himself. “I still have things to work on, I have to go.”

Evelyn watched in shock silence as Hunter departed.

She returned to her senses only after he had disappeared from sight. Her face was full of embarrassment. She had made herself so clear that she was practically throwing herself at him, but he still did not take the hint!

Doesn’t he remember that it was he who had shamelessly begged her to go out with him? Now that she was the one initiating, he actually rejected her! She was furious!

Hunter must not have been in a good mood today. He would have accepted her invitation under normal circumstances.

Though she was paralyzed in both legs, she was still confident in her ability to seduce. Men are creatures of sight. Faced with a woman like her, how could they find it in their hearts to reject?

Vivian got home and looked over the evidence from Hunter again, as though intent on memorizing every word.

She was excited at the prospect of the interview on the following day. It was finally a chance to prove her innocence. Though it’s been five years, it had been a constant thorn in her heart, and the source of all that had happened.

Finally, the truth will be revealed.

Suddenly, there was a knock on her door, and Benedict entered.

“Are you going to interview Mark?” he asked bluntly.

“Yes I am. Tomorrow.” Vivian nodded.

“Do you know how dangerous that is? What are you thinking?” Benedict raised his voice angrily.

This was no small matter. Why didn’t she discuss it with him before deciding? Mark was capable of kidnapping her once. Who’s to say he won’t do it again? She was gambling with her safety!

Vivian could count the number of times her brother had lost his temper at her on one hand in the span of as many years. All of those times without exceptions were because he was worried about her. She knew that this time was no different.

“Ben, please relax. I will be careful. I couldn’t let it go. I must avenge myself and Larry,” Vivian said determinedly.

Benedict knew that Vivian was still haunted by the events of that year, and it pained him to see her this tormented. “Leave the avenging to me, will you? This matter is too dangerous for you to handle alone. If Mark tries something again…”

“This is something I must do alone,” Vivian cut across him; it wasn’t often she did that. “Ben, trust me. I will take extra precautions. Let me handle it.”

She must exact revenge by her own hand!

Benedict was at a loss for words in the face of her insistence. The antidote to a happy life lies at the root of the problem. Vivian can only let go and start a new life if she personally sees this through. But…

Ah, damn it, he’ll just send a couple of men to watch over her from the shadows.

“You must be wary. If there’s any danger, call me at once.” Benedict was still uneasy.

“I will.” Vivian nodded seriously.

Benedict was just about to remind her of something when Larry stumbled in and rubbed his eyes. “Mom, can you accompany me to sleep tonight? I want a bedtime story.”

Vivian carried him in her arms lovingly. She turned to Benedict and said, “Ben, I’ll put Larry to sleep now. Please don’t worry, I will be cautious.”

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