Never Late, Never Away Chapter 589

“Ms. Morrison, we were once family. How could I forget? And what’s all this talk about consciences?” Mark had been in the retail industry for years; he knew a thing or two about keeping up appearances. “Please, have a seat.” He gestured.

Vivian did not attempt to hide her disdain. With a scathing look at Mark, she sat down on the couch directly across from him.

He was much nearer to her now. He noticed that she had indeed become much prettier than she used to be. So the rumors were true.

Silky long hair, pristine features, her body clad in a professional-looking romper; she looked comfortable yet without shortages in elegance. He was struck in awe when she first entered. She was unrecognizable.

That’s strange. He’d never thought of her as much of a beauty before. When he first learned that Finnick had decided to marry her, he had jested at their expense. An ugly girl with a paraplegic was a match made in heaven.

However, she was now beautiful!

He would go as far as to say that Evelyn in the past is comparable to Vivian in the present.

Vivian caught Mark studying her like a piece of meat and couldn’t help suppressing a wave of nausea. “Mr. Norton, can we get started with the interview?” she asked coldly.

“Of course.” Mark tore his eyes off of her and sat upright. Nevertheless, he remained watchful of her out of the corner of his eye.

Sarah and Charlie were ready. Vivian started the interview. “Mr. Norton, is there a confirmed opening date of the hotel? How are the preparations coming along?”

“Our hotel is scheduled to be opened in late September,” Mark reported, looking pleased. “The design team’s preparations of the structure’s blueprints are in full swing and right on schedule. We are confident that Norton Corporation has designed the finest, largest, and best-equipped hotel in S City. It will be a landmark of our fine city for generations to come.”

“Really? Would we have the opportunity to witness that?” Vivian said in a sarcastic tone.

“Ms. Morrison, what do you mean?” Mark asked as he controlled his rising temper.

She does not know her place. He gave the magazine company an opportunity for an exclusive interview with him, and she disrespects him?

“Nothing, just feeling awestruck,” Vivian answered with a smile. She pressed on. “Though Norton Corporation is an influential brand, the opening of this hotel is admittedly just the first step. I would like to know if Norton Corporation has any expansion strategies in place yet?”

“Our committee is currently promoting our grand opening on media platforms. We are also conducting sales calls. It’s a strategy to bolster our presence both online and offline. In addition to that, we have various fundraisers in place to promote the hotel as we speak.”

Mark felt the smile he had to put on was starting to strain his face, but he persevered. He also had to constantly remind himself that he was not being interviewed by the individual Vivian William, but the media she represents. He had his image and reputation to maintain.

“It really is unexpected for someone like you, Mr. Norton, to be hosting fundraisers. I was under the impression that you only operated in the dark with heinous measures to achieve despicable goals.” Vivian could no longer hide her contempt.

She had finally gone too far. Mark had lost all pretense as well. He slammed a fist on the table and shouted, “What is the meaning of this? What are you trying to do?”

He finally broke! Vivian smirked. She turned to Sarah and Charlie. “Wait for me outside. I have some matters to discuss with Mr. Norton.”

“Vivian…” Sarah looked at her with concern, unwilling to leave her in here alone.

She helped with the investigation as well and knew that the interview would not go smoothly. If Mark lost his temper, Vivian could be harmed.

“It’s alright, wait outside.” Vivian smiled reassuringly.

After some hesitation, Sarah tugged at Charlie’s arm and they left together. Perhaps Vivian had something she would rather them not hear.

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