Never Late, Never Away Chapter 59

Vivian’s face turned pale gradually. “Mom, I can’t do that. We already registered our marriage.”

“So what? Maybe he just needs a wife in name.” Rachel might have been in a coma for two years but she was not muddleheaded at all. “Otherwise, why would he marry an ordinary girl like you if he is such an eligible bachelor?”

Vivian was rendered speechless.

Her mother spoke the truth. Upon their marriage, Vivian knew immediately that Finnick only needed a wife in name. However, Rachel was oblivious that she married him to get citizenship in Sunshine City. The marriage was for mutual benefit, and no one had the right to criticize the other for their choices.

“Mom.” She told her the truth. “Finnick treats me well.”

She spoke from her heart. Even though they could not be counted as best friends, but Finnick indeed treated her well. He always appeared whenever she needed help, just like how he stepped in this time when her mother required surgery.

“Vivian, how can you be so foolish! Men only treat you well because they want the fun.” Rachel was obviously very worried for her daughter. “Am I not the living example? I just want you to live an ordinary and happy life… I’m really afraid that you will follow in my footsteps and be abandoned by a man for life.”

She began to sob silently as she spoke.

Vivian felt hurt on behalf of her mother. She pulled her into an embrace and said, “Mom, you just had your surgery and can’t be upset. Let me tell you the truth. I married him to get citizenship and medical insurance. I don’t have any feelings for him.”

“Are you telling the truth?” Rachel stopped sobbing when she heard this and looked at her daughter.

“Of course.” Vivian looked at Rachel and continued, “Mom, don’t you know me? Can’t you tell when I dislike a person?”

Indeed, Rachel brought her up singlehandedly, and they only had each other all this while. Needless to say, she knew her daughter the best. It was obvious if Vivian liked someone, just like when she was together with Fabian.

Finally, Rachel looked less worried. However, she still instructed her daughter, “Alright, but you have to promise that you will get a divorce when there’s an opportunity.”

The truth was, Vivian never once thought of divorcing Finnick. She did not care why they got married, nor was she bothered by his identity. Since they were married now, she would not initiate a divorce unless Finnick wanted it.

Now that she saw her mother begging her, she changed her mind and gave in. “Alright, I promise you, Mom.”

Rachel breathed a sigh of relief, but she could not stop feeling sorry. “Vivian, it’s all my fault. Even if you divorce, it would still be hard for you to find a good man to marry next time…”

Vivian blinked a few times before hugging her mother once more. “Mom, it’s alright. I’m happy as long as you are.”

Later, she coaxed her mother to sleep. Just as she packed up and was ready to leave, she saw a file at the bedside table.

I think Finnick brought it. Did he forget to take it back with him?

She placed the file in her bag and left the ward.

Meanwhile, Finnick’s wheelchair was transported into the car. Noah, who sat at the passenger seat, asked him, “Mr. Norton, why were you gone for so long? I thought you went back to get a file.”

Finnick remained silent.

Out of curiosity, Noah turned around to look at him. However, all he saw was Finnick’s cold attitude, and instantly, he broke out in cold sweat.

What is going on? Wasn’t Mr. Norton in a good mood earlier? Why did he have a mood swing just after retrieving a document? Goodness, he looks like he’s about to kill someone right now.

After ten minutes, Vivian climbed into the car too. She held a file in her hand and asked, “Finnick, did you forget this in the ward?”

He did not take the file over from her. Instead, he turned to stare deep into her eyes. No one could tell what he was feeling.

The hairs on her arm stood at their end. Cautiously, she asked, “Finnick?”

He continued to stare at the terrified woman in front of him. Her words rang in his ear once more. He had heard what she said when he returned for the file.

I married him to get citizenship and medical insurance. I don’t have any feelings for him.

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