Never Late, Never Away Chapter 590

Only the two of them remained in the office. Vivian decided to cut to the chase and turned to face Mark. “You and Evelyn kidnapped me and tried to get someone to rape me five years ago, didn’t you?”

It was more of an accusation than a question.

Vivian’s glare was venomous. If Finnick hadn’t mistakenly thought that I’d been sexually assaulted, none of this would have happened! Larry wouldn’t be missing a father as soon as he was born!

Panic flashed across Mark’s face for a split second, obviously not expecting that she would have any idea about his involvement in the case. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

She scoffed internally. Of course, Mark would never admit to having done such a horrible thing so easily.

No matter. She had come prepared and was determined to make this bastard admit the truth.

“What? No balls to take responsibility for your own actions? If you don’t confess right now, I’ll have to resort to some extreme measures,” Vivian threatened.

Mark looked down his nose in disdain at her, sneering, “’Extreme measures’? Try me. I’d like to know what you have up your sleeve.”

If she thinks she can abuse her authority as a member of the Morrison family, she’s sorely mistaken. I barely care for Benedict, let alone her!

Vivian opened up her bag and pulled out a file, slamming it down in front of him with a haughty smirk.

“I think you should take a look at this before trying to defend your innocence, Mr. Norton.”

Glancing suspiciously up at her, he slowly picked up the file. Shock and rage flared up inside of him when he took a good look at its contents.

“Where did you get this from?”

The document was filled with information about how Mark had bribed the relevant authorities when opening his hotel. Everything, from the list of names to the bank transfer receipts, was printed as clear as day on the papers.

“You forget that I’m a journalist and that I have my sources,” Vivian snickered. “Still plan on denying what you did all those years ago?”

This was what she had asked Sarah, Jenny, and Hunter for help with a while ago. Fortunately, she had discovered something that could be used against Mark.

“What do you want?” Mark stammered, his voice trembling slightly.

He’d thought that she was just exaggerating in order to scare him into submission, but he never expected her to uncover all of this. If these documents were publicized, his plans for the hotel would go up in flames, and he would most certainly be thrown into jail for several years straight.

By that point, he would have to pay for his crimes with all of his wealth and his freedom, as well as cause the Norton Corporation to suffer a tremendous loss.

In the worst-case scenario, I might even lose my life…

He refused to imagine any further.

“I want you to personally tell Finnick how you and Evelyn kidnapped me and set me up. I want you to tell him how you misled him to think that I’d been raped.”

Vivian’s entire body was shaking, but her voice was firm and clear as she spoke. She had to make the culprit who framed her for all these years be the one to clear her name.

Mark’s heart was in his throat as he met Vivian’s furious gaze. This woman was clearly not the same pushover that they had manipulated to their will in the past.

“Set you up? Rape? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Mark insisted, although his face was already starting to pale.

How could he tell Finnick the truth? Knowing the man’s personality, Finnick would never have mercy on him. He might even personally drag him to court!

Finnick never cared for friendship or familial bonds, and would be bound to care even less under these circumstances! Mark couldn’t hope that he would forgive him based on the fact that they were brothers.

Finnick was much more terrifying to deal with than Vivian.

“Then I have no choice but to submit this evidence to a public prosecutor’s office. Maybe you’ll regain some of your memory during the police interrogation.”

With that, Vivian turned around to leave. Only now did she come to the understanding that she couldn’t afford to be soft-hearted when dealing with someone like Mark, or else she would be the one who ended up getting hurt.

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