Never Late, Never Away Chapter 591

“Wait.” Mark rushed forward to stop her, his whole head dampened with sweat.

Refusing to budge an inch, Vivian said calmly, “Did you finally remember what you did to me? Or do I have to call the police to assist you with the process?”

“I’ll confess everything to Finnick, I swear,” he forced out through gritted teeth. “But how can I trust that you won’t blackmail me even after I’ve done what you asked me to?”

“Are you trying to negotiate with me?” She raised an eyebrow.

Mark held the file up in his hand. “I know that this isn’t the only copy you have. I want you to guarantee that you will destroy all traces of these documents after I tell Finnick the truth.”

“No promises.”

“You’re clearly trying to take advantage of me!” He flung the file onto the floor.

“I’m not, but you have no right to be negotiating anything with me,” Vivian pointed out, narrowing her eyes. “If you don’t agree to my terms, I will submit these documents as evidence. If you do agree, then only will I consider letting you off the hook.”

“I’m warning you, Vivian,” Mark growled out, a vein popping in the corner of his forehead. “I’ve kidnapped you once, and I can do it again. If I stop you from leaving the Norton Corporation building, then you won’t be able to expose me!”

“Do you think that I’m an idiot?” Scoffing, Vivian took a look at her watch. “If I do not exit this building within an hour from now on, all these documents will be published online. I’m only giving you one chance; take it or leave it.”

Mark’s hands clenched into fists by his sides.

Didn’t this woman use to be so dumb that Evelyn could easily play her like a fiddle? How and where did she learn to have backup plans like that?

Completely disregarding the glare that was burning into her, Vivian turned to level Mark with a bored expression. “I already told you: I’m now Vivian Morrison. I’m not the naïve, helpless Vivian William from before. You have no choice but to say ‘yes’.”

Being threatened by a young woman like this was the most humiliating thing Mark had had to suffer in all of his life. But he couldn’t not agree. It was just like Vivian said: he had no choice.

“Fine. I’ll go and confess to Finnick tomorrow. I hope you’ll carefully consider not publicizing this information, Ms. Morrison. Remember, even a harmless puppy will bite when it’s backed into a corner,” Mark spat out.

The few sentences seemed to drain all the energy out of the man. He secretly swore that one day, he would get back at her.

A puppy? Vivian wanted to laugh out loud. She didn’t think of Mark as a puppy at all. But she didn’t care even if he was a fierce tiger. She wasn’t scared. If anything, she would pluck out his fangs and claws one by one to ensure that he would never be able to hurt anyone else ever again.

“Please make sure to properly tell Finnick everything without leaving anything out,” Vivian reiterated as she moved out of Mark’s way, heading for the exit.

She stopped just before the door, glancing over her shoulder. “Remember, this is only the start. I will be seeking revenge for everything you did to me and my child.”

“Damn it!” Mark exploded as soon as she left the office, kicking over the desk in front of him. That proved insufficient to cool his frustration as he swept away everything in sight, sending them to crash onto the floor.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Norton?” The secretary ran in, having heard the commotion from inside the office. She nearly jumped out of her skin at the chaotic sight that greeted her.

“Get out!” roared Mark. “Leave me alone!”

“Yes, of course…”

The frightened secretary had never seen Mark in such a fit of rage before and immediately scurried out of the room. Even after she had fled a good distance away, she could still hear the loud sounds of objects being smashed onto the ground.

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