Never Late, Never Away Chapter 592

I won’t lose my job, will I? The secretary thought, her face drained of blood and her legs shaking as she ran away.

The next day, in Finnick’s office.

The man was sitting at his desk reading through a document when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” he responded without looking up.

“You must be tired, Finnick. You should take a break; you can’t keep working like that.”

A familiar woman’s voice spoke, her tone gentle and affectionate.

Finnick furrowed his eyebrows at the sound of her voice.

I thought it was my assistant. Why is it Evelyn? What is she doing in my office?

“Why are you here?” Snapping the file shut, Finnick looked up at Evelyn coldly.

Still in a wheelchair, her appearance had changed drastically. Today, she wore a long, white dress and had draped a wool blanket across her lap. Her light, natural makeup and long black hair spilling over her shoulders helped her appear innocent and kind.

Upon hearing Finnick’s apathetic question, she bit her lower lip, eyes reddening slightly before pretending to gather her courage and lift her head. “I was worried that you might be tired from work, so I personally made your favorite braised short rib stew. Go on, try and have a taste.”

Evelyn carefully opened the lunchbox she’d brought as she spoke, a fragrant aroma instantly filling the office. She nodded with satisfaction when she saw the succulent cut of ribs paired with the fresh, decorative vegetables in the lunchbox. It truly looked like a five-star meal.

Of course, she didn’t have the skills nor the patience to cook this; it had been prepared by her housemaid.

But Finnick didn’t need to know about that.

All he needed to know was that she cared for him, and that was it.

Evelyn scooped some of the contents up in a spoon and held it up in front of him, coaxing softly, “It’s really delicious.”

“Leave it there. I’m not hungry.” Finnick ignored her outstretched hand, leaving her to awkwardly freeze mid-air for a while before she regained her composure.

“Come on, Finnick. I poured so much effort into making this for you, the least you could do is try it,” pouted Evelyn, using her sweet tone of voice that usually never failed to melt any man who heard it. She made another attempt, leaning in close to Finnick as she held the spoon up.

“I said, I’m not hungry.” Finnick turned his face away from her. “Next time, don’t randomly come to my office without reason. And you don’t need to deliver food to me either.”

“Why?” Feeling indignant, Evelyn was a bit cross with him. “What did I do wrong? Why are you treating me like this?”

“I already told you before: I’m only taking care of you because I feel guilty. I do not harbor any other feelings towards you. Don’t you feel that your actions have crossed the line? We’re not dating anymore!”

Finnick’s patience had reached its limit, and he gave her an unfiltered piece of his mind.

“I don’t believe you! How could you not feel anything for me after all these years?” The cruel statement shocked Evelyn, causing her eyes to instantly fill with tears. “Was it Vivian? Did she bewitch you or something?”

“What does any of this have to do with her?” Finnick sighed, fed up with her nonsense.

“It has everything to do with her! If it weren’t for her, we would have gotten together a long time ago!”

“Stop lying to yourself. I’m going to clear things up right now: I’m not dating you because I don’t like you, not because of Vivian. Even if Vivian wasn’t in the picture, I still wouldn’t date you!”

Evelyn started sobbing even harder. How could that be? There’s no way! She had devoted herself to him for so many years and even sacrificed her legs for him! How was it possible that he hadn’t fallen in love with her?

Finnick grew irritated at the sound of Evelyn’s crying. He was glad to have cleared up any possible misunderstandings. That way, she would stop hoping for anything to happen between them, and he was now able to set his own boundaries.

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