Never Late, Never Away Chapter 593

At that moment, the phone on Finnick’s desk started ringing.

The receptionist’s voice rang out after he’d impatiently pressed the “answer” button. “Mr. Norton, Mr. Mark Norton is here to see you. Should I send him up?”

“No.” Finnick hung up the call.

Seeing Mark now would only add to his growing headache. One Evelyn was enough to deal with; he didn’t have the energy to deal with Mark as well.

“Evelyn, we…”


Finnick, about to clarify to Evelyn exactly what their relationship was, was interrupted by the phone ringing once more.

“What is it now?” Finnick’s eyebrows knitted together as he picked up the phone.

“Mr. Mark Norton insists on meeting you, sir. He said that he has something important regarding Vivian to tell you.” The receptionist’s voice tremored slightly as she passed on the information. Her boss sounded like he was in a bad mood, and she prayed with all her heart that he wouldn’t unleash his anger on her.

Finnick hesitated upon the mention of Vivian’s name, curious as to why Mark would want to talk to him about her.

“Send him up.”

Evelyn’s crying had subsided as she listened in on the call, her face falling slightly. She had a bad feeling about this.

What does Mark want to talk to Finnick about?

Soon, Finnick’s assistant led Mark into the office, who felt a slight twinge of guilt when he saw that Evelyn was here as well.

When he had first agreed to help Evelyn kidnap Vivian, they had each harbored separate motives and reasons for doing so. And Evelyn had indeed kept her promise to him, helping him gain information that he used to blackmail the Finnor Group and caused them to suffer a great loss. If he confessed now, he would be throwing her under the bus.

But he had no choice. If Vivian publicized the documents she had on hand, his career, future, and entire life would be ruined.

“What about Vivian did you want to tell me?” Finnick cut to the chase, not bothering to get up or say any greetings. He only cared about what Mark had to say.

If this was the old Mark, he would definitely point at Finnick and get all up in his face, screaming about how he should respect his elders, even though Mark himself was not exactly a perfect role model of a brother that deserved respect.

The present Mark didn’t care about any of that. All he could think about was whether or not he should confess to his wrongdoings in front of Evelyn.

In the end, he decided to prioritize his own well-being and his own greed, squirming as he opened his mouth to say, “I… I came today to tell you the truth about Vivian’s kidnapping all those years ago.”

Evelyn’s face instantly fell. What the hell does he think he’s doing? He, too, had been involved in her kidnapping back then!

“Let the past stay in the past. What Vivian went through was truly pitiful, and it won’t do her any favors to bring it up again. Why don’t we just pretend that nothing ever happened?”

Afraid that Mark was going to say something out of line, Evelyn interrupted him hurriedly. Her panic only served to pique Finnick’s suspicions.

Back then, Mark had been the one who threatened him with the video clip of Vivian. Everything had went Mark’s way, and logically, Finnick had thought that Mark would never bring this topic up again.

Besides that, Evelyn had reacted so strongly at the mention of Vivian’s kidnapping incident. Was there something she knew that he didn’t?

“And what about Vivian’s kidnapping?” Finnick focused solely on Mark. His sharp, icy stare made Mark feel as though his younger brother was trying to read his mind.

“Finnick, it’s all in the past. Let’s stop talking about this.” Evelyn wheeled herself to stop right in front of Finnick, forcing a smile. “I’m sure Vivian wouldn’t want us to discuss this either.”

Finnick ignored her completely, only looking right at Mark. If Mark had come all the way here to say his piece, it was unlikely that he would stop halfway.

Mark knew that there was no way back for him anymore. Turning to Evelyn, Mark declared, “Evelyn had plotted with me to kidnap Vivian, and Evelyn was the one who filmed the video clip of Vivian!”

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