Never Late, Never Away Chapter 594

“You’re lying!” Evelyn screeched, her face paling as she looked at Finnick. “Finnick, you can’t trust him! He’s trying to frame me! Vivian’s kidnapping had nothing to do with me, I swear!”

“Shut up.” There was no outburst of anger, nor any loud roar of discontent. Finnick just calmly directed that simple phrase towards Evelyn before turning back to Mark. “Continue.”

His voice sounded calm, but his slightly trembling body and tightly clenched fists betrayed the fury inside of him. What is all this?

“Back then, Evelyn wanted to break you and Vivian up, so she contacted me to plan Vivian’s kidnapping together. Evelyn also promised me that if the plan succeeded, she would help me obtain your share in the Norton Corporation.”

“Liar! I said no such thing!” Evelyn was at a loss for what to do, resorting to continuously interrupting Mark loudly and trying to signal him to stop in a way that Finnick couldn’t see.

But when Mark remembered how Vivian had threatened him yesterday, he could only go on.

“I agreed and also helped transport Vivian to the warehouse. Evelyn hired four random men to rape Vivian, but Benedict came to Vivian’s rescue right before it could happen.”

“I never did that! Stop lying!” Evelyn tried to lunge forward to physically stop Mark from talking any further, but Finnick reached out and gripped the handles of her wheelchair tightly.

“Continue,” Finnick growled out. There was a ticking time bomb inside of him, ready to explode at any moment.

A little intimidated by Finnick’s hostile aura, Mark swallowed the lump in his throat. “Later, Evelyn misled you to think that Vivian had been raped in order to drive a wedge between you two. She also paid off the doctor that had examined Vivian to lie to you about the results.

“She told me that as long as you believed that Vivian was no longer pure, you would hold that grudge against her forever and that regardless of whatever Vivian did, you two would eventually break up because of a lack of trust.”

In an attempt to decrease Finnick’s anger towards him, Mark made sure to tell him exactly what Evelyn had said, word for word.

“No! That’s not true!” Evelyn whipped around, tugging on Finnick’s arm to get his attention.

“Don’t believe him, Finnick! He’s lying! How could I ever do such a thing to you? You know that he dislikes you; he must have spun this huge web of lies to break us up and ruin our relationship! You can’t believe him! He’s talking rubbish!”

Finnick didn’t push her away, instead choosing to stare into her eyes as if searching her soul.

Is this the same girl I was in love with when I was younger? Is this the person I’ve been taking care of out of guilt for five years? How could she do such a thing to Vivian?

“I’ve brought the doctor who examined Vivian as well. He’s waiting outside. You’ll know whether or not I’m ‘talking rubbish’ if you ask him.”

Worried that Finnick might not believe him, Mark really had gone to the hospital yesterday to search for the doctor from five years ago. At first, the doctor refused to bear witness to the incident, but Mark threatened to spread the story of how he had accepted a bribe to lie about a patient’s condition to the patient’s friends and family.

If the news broke, it would ruin his career. So, the doctor had no choice but to agree to accompany Mark to Finnick’s office.

Evelyn nearly had a panic attack when she heard about the doctor, sobbing, “I don’t know any doctor! He must have paid someone off to frame me! Finnick, please don’t believe them! This is a trap!”

She tried to cling onto his arm, but Finnick pushed it away violently. “Let the doctor in. I want to hear what he has to say,” he ordered, his tone of voice cold enough to freeze hell over.

Mark quickly pulled out his phone and dialed a number. Not long after, a middle-aged doctor with a beer belly knocked on the door and entered the office.

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