Never Late, Never Away Chapter 596

Shooting daggers at Finnick, Mark suppressed his roiling anger and left.

He swore to seek revenge for today’s humiliation.

Be it Finnick or Vivian, none of them will escape unscathed! I’ll make them pay for what they did!

The doctor made a hasty exit after Mark, too scared to be in the same space as Finnick.

Is the whole ordeal over? Nothing will happen to my career, will it? Can’t the two gentlemen just disregard my presence and pretend I didn’t exist?

Immense regret swelled within him. He should have never agreed to participate in the first place. Karma did not let him off easy—it just was not his time yet. For the past five years, the incident had been buried so well that it faded from his memory. Who would have thought that it would be unearthed at a time as such?

Only Finnick and Evelyn were left in the office, but the atmosphere was a world’s difference from before.

Finnick remained quiet ever since his sudden outburst. In fact, he did not even spare Evelyn a glance. He sat in silence with his head bowed. It was impossible to tell what was running through his mind.

This side of Finnick was even more frightening to Evelyn. She had grown up with Finnick and spent the past five years with him, so she understood him to a certain degree.

If he yelled at her, it meant that somewhere deep down in him, he still yearned to trust her. But now? Now, he refused to speak or even acknowledge her presence. Is he convinced that I’m the perpetrator? Is this the calm before the storm? What will he do to me?

No, I can’t lose Finnick! She was no longer the princess of the Morrison family. She had thrown away everything she had for Finnick—her ability to walk, her identity, and her luxurious lifestyle!

She would have nothing left if she lost Finnick’s protection and her status as Mrs. Norton. How will I push through the rest of my life?

Fear shook her body as her mind swam with intrusive thoughts. She rolled her wheelchair towards Finnick and implored, “Finnick, you have to trust me. I didn’t do any of this! We grew up together. You know me. You understand me best! You know that I’m not capable of something so foul. Please believe me; you’ve always believed me! Please trust me again this time.”

“It must have been Vivian! She must have bribed Mark and that doctor to sabotage me! She wants you back, which is why she’s framing me! Finnick, you can’t fall for her lies! Don’t get tricked!”

“Did you forget how she slashed my face because of envy? You saw the video with your own eyes. You have to believe that it’s real. She was never a good person. She purposely—”

“Shut up!” Finnick bellowed, cutting Evelyn off. He was positively livid. The truth had surfaced, and yet Evelyn still had the audacity to vilify Vivian. Does she take me for a fool?

All he could feel now was agonizing heartache.

It had taken him five years to finally see the true colors of his so-called first love, the woman he had grown up with and vowed to cherish for the rest of his life!

It was too late now.

The belated apprehension did him no good, for the despicable woman before him had hurt the love of his life!

It was only at this moment that he finally realized how greatly Vivian had suffered because of Evelyn.

See with my own eyes?

Indeed, he had watched the video clip sent by Mark with his own eyes, but look at how things ended—he put too much trust in what he saw and wrongly accused Vivian!

And what about last time?

What Evelyn claimed happened at the café—was that also a misunderstanding on my part? Could it be that the gash was not inflicted upon her by Vivian but rather a product of Evelyn’s own doing so she could frame Vivian?

Finnick drowned in resentment for himself as fragments of memories began to resurface.

How did I react that time? Vivian had begged him to trust her, sobbing inconsolably as she explained that Evelyn had tripped on purpose to frame her, but he refused to believe her. Instead, he launched into an angry tirade, saying that she had been blinded by jealousy. After that…

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